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Personal Development Social

The Secrets Of Lasting Friendship

1st June 2022

Numerous studies show that friendship is important for our overall mental health, and some even argue that it is necessary for survival. Good friendships can potentially extend your life! Friendships have a considerably greater impact on your health and quality of life than other types of connections such as marriage or even family. According to … Continue reading The Secrets Of Lasting Friendship

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Social Social Media

The Healthy Use Of Social Media

25th April 2022

  As social beings, interaction with social platforms is very important. Human beings will always treasure companionship and relationships because of the impact it makes on our health and success. Being socially connected with people, especially the ones you love have a way of easing anxiety, depressing and soothing emotions. However, when social relationships are … Continue reading The Healthy Use Of Social Media

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Social Social Media

TikTok Hashtags: What They Are, Their Benefits, And How To Create Them

18th April 2022

The platform known as TikTok has over a billion monthly active users, and this has made it one of the famous global social media platforms. A huge percent of the users are mostly young people, with brands and businesses rushing to register on the platform in order to reach the demography. These brands have found out that the … Continue reading TikTok Hashtags: What They Are, Their Benefits, And How To Create Them

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Economy Nigeria Politics Social

How One Man Industrialised Old Eastern Nigeria In The 1960s

24th February 2022

  While we celebrate the likes of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, prominent Nigerians in history have been neglected to the abyss of oblivion, despite their achievements. This group of unsung heroes is a dearth in history which in many ways is a disservice to us and these rarely celebrated … Continue reading How One Man Industrialised Old Eastern Nigeria In The 1960s

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World Social Justice Day

20th February 2019

It is not by sheer coincidence that the 20th day of February has been year-marked to connote the values and importance of Social Justice across the world. Testing civilization after civilization; culture after culture; it has been revealed that law and order is not enough to keep a modern society at its fairest. Social justice … Continue reading World Social Justice Day

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Entertainment Social Tips

Disc Jockeying Tips That Will Make You an Ace DJ

13th June 2018

DJs play a very important role in any party or event. Many times, how well they perform can determine the impression of the event that guests leave with. They determine whether the party is fun, lovely or outright dry and boring. If you are a DJ or aspiring to become one, here are a few … Continue reading Disc Jockeying Tips That Will Make You an Ace DJ

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Events Personality Social Social Media

Top Trends That Made Headlines Last Week

12th June 2018

Shina Peters Marks His 60th Birthday: Last week, legendary Afro Juju musician, Sir Shina Peters, celebrated his birthday in grand style. To mark his 60th birthday, the Veteran musician, threw a lavish Party at Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Wednesday 30th of May 2018. The event had Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Florence Ita-Giwa, … Continue reading Top Trends That Made Headlines Last Week

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Events Social

Top 3 Places To Be This Weekend

2nd March 2018

If you are wondering where to go and have a great time this weekend, here are a few events that might interest you: Social Media Week 3rd March 2018 Today is the grand finale of the Social Media Week. So, if you are in or near Lagos and, like me, like to be in the … Continue reading Top 3 Places To Be This Weekend

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Is Work-Life Balance Achievable?

27th December 2017

The work-life balance dream seems to recede farther into the distance as we pursue it. At least, this is what a lot of working people say. Many have lamented their failed attempts to divorce career from family, friends and leisure (or to marry them). Not a few have given up on the whole project, resigning … Continue reading Is Work-Life Balance Achievable?

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5 Ways to Spend This Christmas

25th December 2017

Christmas is usually the time of getting together with family and loved ones. Most people probably enjoyed the holiday the most as children, but after a while, growing older the holidays seems to lose its edge. They start to get bored, it feels like it kind of drags and the fascination about presents start fading, generally, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Spend This Christmas

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Living in a Family House

29th October 2017

A family house is an arrangement where the extended families live together, sleep together, work together while upholding the unity found in the families. For many of us who grew up with the modern nuclear family lifestyle, a lot of flexibility and adaptability skills would be needed for us to live in a “Family house”. … Continue reading Living in a Family House

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Six Questions You Should Ask At a Networking Event

26th October 2017

You can make your next networking event more than just an exhibition of repetitive questions or an extravagant celebration of small talk. This article shows you how. Perhaps you don’t regard yourself as a talker (let alone a vivacious chatty person) who takes to networking events as a duck takes to water. Contrary to popular … Continue reading Six Questions You Should Ask At a Networking Event

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Why We Use Emojis

16th August 2017

Emojis are ideograms used in electronic communication that symbolize an idea in a single, simple image. While emojis come in many varieties, the most commonly used and recognized are the ones that resemble faces and express different emotions. That is, they are simple images that depict faces ideal in expressing various effective responses. With the … Continue reading Why We Use Emojis

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