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As social beings, interaction with social platforms is very important. Human beings will always treasure companionship and relationships because of the impact it makes on our health and success. Being socially connected with people, especially the ones you love have a way of easing anxiety, depressing and soothing emotions. However, when social relationships are mismanaged, they have adverse effects on individuals.

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With the introduction of social media platforms, social interactions have been made easier and very accessible. Messages can be sent and received from anywhere in the world. Long distance relationships and friendships are working better because of the improved communication, and it is so easy to replace physical connections with virtual ones. The virtual reality enables one to adopt whatever identity they choose and present themselves in a manner completely different from who they might be, with no hassles. Social media interactions is a double edged sword that must be accessed from all edges so that it does not become detrimental in the long run.

10 Tips for Healthy Usage of Social Media

  • Have a purpose of use

Be intentional about why you are on social media. Let your social media profiles and content reflect purpose and authenticity. Find a reason to use it, and you won’t be under any pressure to fit a crowd.

  • Find a community

A social media community will help to protect your timelines and structure the kind of content you will be privy to. If you want to connect with business minded creatives, you find a community and engage with them. The algorithm will pick this as an interest and show you content from your interests most of the time. This helps you maintain focus and concentrate on your purpose for being on social media.

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  • Do not neglect your real time connections

No matter how much you enjoy your social media connections, do not neglect your real time friends. Find a way to connect with your social media friends physically and watch how your bond will be strengthened. Real time connections help you live in the moment and appreciate life for what it truly is.

  • Stop scrolling mindlessly

You will become more conscious of vanity metrics when you mindlessly scroll on social media. It is also a way to get distracted and waste your time. If you want to search for more connections and make more friends, be guided by community and connect reasonably.

  • Use the unfollow and block buttons

Do not be quick to give allegiance to any on socials. Find out who they are, and ensure they have earned it before you follow them. Be sure you enjoy their content and it makes you happy. The moment the aim for following a person is defeated, it is never too late to unfollow or use the block button.

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  • Know when to take a break

Once you realize you cannot deal with the pressure or the use of social media is impacting you negatively, take a break. Be assured that you won’t miss much and there will be enough time to catch up on what you have missed. Your mental health is priority, and periodic breaks help you evaluate your purpose and choices.

Finally, do not be afraid to reach out to mental health professionals whenever you get feel too overwhelmed. Social media can be quite hectic and there are trained people to help you out in situations like this. You can find them using the Google search.

You are important and you must keep putting yourself first when it comes to your health.

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This article was first published on 25th April 2022


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