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African skin is physiologically different from that of other races. For this reason, many Nigerians have found that using just any lotion, or lotions created with Caucasians in mind, often leaves much to be desired. With more and more Nigerians making the decision to stay away from hydroquinone, kojic acid, and other skin bleaching and lightening lotions, preferring to stick to products that nourish and moisturize the skin naturally, the question looms, “which lotions are best for African skin?” Interestingly, when asked, “Which body lotion do you prefer?” 40 percent of respondents initially replied, “Anything with shea butter” before specifying their brand of choice. It is no wonder; even our great grandmothers treasured the precious ori, which, going by our survey, is still an essential commodity in the world of black skincare today, along with its cousin, cocoa butter. Here are 10 lotions Nigerian women swear by: 10. AMBI Soft and Even Creamy Oil This product has received rave reviews for its unique blend of natural ingredients; Shea Butter, known for its ability to soften skin, and Olive Oil which provides instant relief for dry skin. The Johnson & Johnson brand is highly respected all over the world, and promises healthy looking radiant skin for users of this lotion.


9. Pears Baby Lotion This answer came up so often, it just had to be included on this list. After the initial surprise at the number of beauty savvy women who can afford more expensive lotions but prefer to use this, it became easier to see why. Black skin is typically oiler than that of other races, and this product, prepared with babies’ tender skin in mind, is lightweight and won’t clog your pores.


8. Dermatological E-45 This product has been clinically proven to heal even extremely dry skin, and is already one of the best-selling moisturisers in the United Kingdom. Nigerian women have caught on to the magic of this non-greasy, fragrance-free formula which offers an effective way to keep the skin soft and healthy. Suitable for use all over face and body, E-45 also comes as a cream (thicker, in a tub) can be used by the whole family, including kids!

E45 Lotion

7. Dove Pro-Age Body Cream Oil Nigerians loyal to this lotion praise it for its superb combination of two powerful moisturizers—skin-nourishing oil and rich hydrating cream. It also contains alpha-hydroxyl which eliminates old skin cells, as well as sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful rays.

Dove Pro Age

6. Nivea Naturally Even Lotion This lotion, enriched with Vitamin E and double UV filters, is reputed to reduce irregular pigmentation, restore skin’s natural even tone and radiance and protect against dark marks and light-induced premature ageing. Often featuring black models in its ads, the pocket-friendly Nivea brand is a true favourite among people of African descent.


5. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Cocoa butter is widely loved for the way it erases marks and scars, evens the complexion, and leaves the skin smelling great. Here it is accompanied by natural oils to moisturize while alleviating dark spots. It also contains little alcohol, which can dry African skin. Add Vaseline’s Stratys-3 Innovation (patented technology suspending moisture across multiple layers of skin) to that, and you have an all-round winner. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant 4. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a fragrance-free lotion that has been clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours. It contains natural colloidal oats and shea butter, relieving itchy, extra dry skin, and endearing it to many.


3. Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop- It is no news that Nigerian women love shea butter; it is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins. However, many have found the fragrance (or lack thereof) discouraging. The Body Shop is trusted for its commitment to natural, ethically produced beauty products, so for those who won’t use raw shea butter directly on their skin, Shea Body Butter is the next best thing.

Shea Body Butter

2. Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser It is proudly stated on the bottle that this lotion is blended with Pure African Shea Butter, and Nigerians have definitely taken note. Many Jergens products have been popular in Nigeria for years, but when it comes to rejuvenating the skin so that it glows and is supple, ori remains a favourite, and therefore Jergens Shea Butter takes the cake.

Jergens Shea Butter

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion- Cocoa Butter shows up again, this time paired with the trusted Palmer name. Apart from its delicious fragrance which has many Nigerians hooked on it, this lotion also contains Vitamin E, which prevents the skin from oxidation (the over-exposure of air causing the skin to dry out and appear dull.) Worthy of note is the fact that many respondents have used it from childhood!

Palmers Cocoa Butter

What do you think? Which body lotion should have been on this list? Has yours been good to your skin? Do tell us; leave a comment!  

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This article was first published on 29th September 2013 and updated on March 3rd, 2015 at 10:40 am


Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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277 thoughts on “Nigerians Share: Top Ten Body Lotions for African Skin”

  • EeIt’s a query; please where&how to can a business person find these outstanding products for sale.

    • max

      Am max…I can deliver all the stuffs .am having them all at my store….

      • I’ll love to get Naturally Even Body Lotion (not Natural Fairness). Please let me know if you still have it and the price

  • Topicrem is good too. I’m a witness.

  • You left out the St Ives range. They have amazing lotions made from all natural ingredients

  • joy

    cocodem is also nice doesn’t tone just leaves your skin smooth and glowing

  • E45 lotion and cream with is better for Nigeria children skin

  • Am fair in complexion but each time am getting dark pimples start coming out from my face n dis ve make me 2 be scared of going to places becos people think am too dirty dats why my face is like.I was once using silka n it was working fine but it has stop working on me pls what cream or lotion or oil will be good for such person like me thanks

    • Silka has a lot of fake now, use dettol cool…try using hot water in a bucket…put ur head in it and cover with a towel to steam and unclog your pores then use any of the lotions mentioned above preferably ambi or vaseline cocobutter as it helps…

  • please why can i buy this product and also kindly advice me which of this product to use for my light complexion children.

  • pls wat z d price of jergens,shea body butter and cocoa butter formula

  • pls what of jennifer lopez secrets ie pink rose i think is a nice product as well

  • Please where can i get a survey questions for this lotion and earn a cash.

  • i ws once light in complexion,change to shea butter body by body shop……..since den av been so dark…….i dnt think i cn cope wth it anymore….. which could b advisable 4 me 4rm d ten listed cream

  • dee

    We sell all those product… Million smile cosmetics…efab mall extension,block d34-area 11 abuja contact-08163035493 btw clear nature is also good

  • Why is palmers cocoa butter not working well on my skin instead of removing dark spot is giving me rashes and dark patches

    • Dee

      Do you have acne prone skin? If yes cocoa butter will clog your pores.

  • RrAm fair in complexion which cream can i use to maintain my colour

  • ola

    Joy Ehonwa,
    nice article u got there. Though it seems to me like u left out recommendations for light skinned.

  • Pls which cream can i use 4 my black beauty

  • Thank you for educating us cream that will our skin look nourishedr

  • Pls, where can I get e45 nourish and restore lotion.

  • Really really nice article but you seems to forget about light skinned people. Our skin is mostly not even please we need recommendations too.
    Keep it up with the good work!!!

  • Im chocolate colour can i use jergen shea body butter

  • I need a cream for my wife she is fair in complexion but I don’t like her colour

  • i am chocolate. i do use nature essence before but now is not working for me anymore rather it makes me darker and lack of beauty,so which one can i used out of the listed items.

  • Am also fair a little which cream ‘ll you advice……..
    Bt its like thrs no answers here

  • please kindly recommend one of the product fr me am dark in complexion.

  • Best soap and lotion for dark skin

  • I really need an assistance, I’m chocolate in completion, I ve used jergens, nivea but they made me darker. Please please please advise me on d cream I should go for especially now my wedding is almost close. Ur swift response will be appreciated. Thanks

    • ann

      Use any exfoliating soap with play quench firming lotion. Works wonders. U can use a shanties papaya soap. Does.t bleach. Just makes u glow.

  • I’m chocolate in complexion and i have pimples and dark spots on my face. I have used many creams but they never work for me. Now, i need advice as to which one to buy out of the list that will be very fast and effective with its market price. Thank u

    • please which of the above cream are my to use am a little bit fire and as well have pimples in my back.

  • I have tried almost all of them;they are all good but I think Aveeno should be number 1,the magic it works is second to none.

  • Please i sweat a lot i need a good body lotion and a body soap that will suit my condition pls am chocholate

  • Jennifer!every human is sweet.all u need is just d right try secret soap and shea butter.bst of luck

  • I’m a natural oily fair skinned Nigerian and I really need to know the right lotion for me

  • Am a chocolate lady nd av neva used any body cream before. So wich 1 wil be very gud 4me 4rm nw til……den?

  • I’m actually a light skinned person,so,can I also use the body creams mentioned above or it will just tone my skin black?

  • tee

    Help I need something dat I cn use to remove darksport on my face but I’m light in complection

  • I love coco butter is d best

  • Pls i av a very dry skin and atimes it looks like amattarn my husband always complain pls am not chocolate and am not too dark which cream and soso is best for

  • Pls, recommend cream products for light skin for perfect sustainance.

  • Pls am dark in complexion but my face is darker than my body, which cream and soap would be the best for me to maintain my black beauty, thanks

  • oge

    am so confuse rite fair BT I have dark cycle under my eye.which cream can remove it n give me a nice colour.pls wit soap.its emergency help

    • ann

      For ur dark circles. Place a slice of cucumber on ur eyes for 10mins every night before u sleep, in the morning place used tea bags(preferably green tea) on ur eyes for 15mins. Then wash off.. do this for two weeks and u wud see d difference. Also drink a lot of water

      • hello,pls i have a oily face and some chocolate in chocolate is somehow fair but am not laps are very fair,but i want an even colour.please st.ives makes me dark.what cream do u think will be best for me?i don’t want to bleach.

  • @Esther , our outer body that are exposed to sun are always darker , hence your face ,and sometime your arms too, always use sunscreen , SP30 at least , that will reduce the discoloration
    really like this article for me as a dark person . have use most of the product here , and they are really good for my dry skin

  • please kindly recommend one of product for me am dark in complexion because of sun effect

  • tnz 4 d spice bt am nt still satisfied bcos u av nt specify d cream dat cn moisturise n maintain fair complexion

  • my children are chocolate in complexion
    which lotion or cream should they use to maintain their chocolate skin? thanks.

    • [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Aveeno lotion is very good. You can also try any of the olay body lotions, they are really good .

  • pls I need ansa ave bn using skineal for my baby thou i mix it with Shea butter buh I heard it not gud pls I want to stop it Bush I need a better cream to maintain her complexion

  • I have a fair daughter of nine years, i want to know the best cream for her to use as she is getting dark

  • i am chocolate in complextion but now am gettin darker plz what cream shouid i use 2 mentan my colour

  • I think aveeno is the best I’ve been using it and it made my skin so smooth and fresh without changing your skin colour also st Ives too they r both good

  • Hi. I’m chocolate in complexion and I have a rough face with little pimples on it esp my forehead. Plz I need a soup and lotion or cream that’s good fo me. I have oily skin too

  • Verseline lotion is very good mostly for fair complexion African skin

  • pls my laps re lighter dan d rest of my body and i dnt wnt bleachn, wich body lotion and soap can i use and get a light brown??

  • Which of d creams is suitable for chocolate complexion… Pless answer us…

  • I am a very dark in complexion person I av used G&G BT it rada make most part of my body light especially my legs. so plz which one listed above should b best for me?

  • I am a chocolate in complexion person I av used G&G BT it rada make most part of my body light especially my legs. so plz which one listed above should b best for me?

  • I av dark spot so tell me wot 2 buy plssss

    • For your natural body maintainance cream….try LOVE NATURE both day and night cream(No bleaching),For skin lightening….try ESSENTIALS cleanser,toner and cream,For skin whitening….try SUN ZONE whitening protector and all other body areas with sun zone body Lotion,For anti-wrinkle…..try ECOLLAGEN set,For Dark spots/stretch marks removal….try PURE SKIN/black head toner and For mature skin 50+….try TIME REVERSING day and night cream….Visit today to get any of these products in every part of the world, or call Treasure on this number if you are in Nigeria 08066591817 (watsapp Enabled),A trial will surely convince you

  • I’m chocolate n the cream that had worked best for me is jergens cocoa butter so I bet on you all to try even the very dark one who want to tone up.I’m like a charmed prince n my big sister uses jergens Shea butter n she glows like the sun ,maintaining her dark color,jergen is d best for every one guys. I love my skin,I love jergens

  • Which cream can I use for my 17 month old baby be cod he is fair in complexion. Pls reply

  • It’s hard sticking to one cream to bring out the creme-de-la-creme of your skin. We all have different types of skin, both dry & oily. Those who complain of using shea butter product locally called ‘ori’ will have to heed to patience to yield positive result. Shea butter contains vitamin E,K,A & F that leaves the skin supple,glowing,soft & radiant but we also have to keep away from the sun so as to prevent melanin increament which causes hyperpigmentation on the skin(dark patches). Using creams containing spf(sun protection facotor) product are more necessary to prevent harmful uv A & B rays or sunburn. Try using shea butter or vitamin E oil, spf product such as creams,mosturizing,bathing twice or thrice daily and notice a total difference in your skin tone. Thanks, u can message me only via this number on suggestions: ( 234)08126084776.

  • ‘m fair in complextion, but my leg is dark and full of spots. Pls i need a recommendation on what to use.


  • I’m fair, which lotion is best for me

  • Am chocolate in colour and i need a good cream and soap to maintain it, but pls i dont need a cream dat will make me dark or fear what i need is a cream dat will maintain my chocolate and make it glow

  • I am light in complexion pls i want to know wich cream to used
    pls inbox me wit dis numb 2348161319687

  • Oye

    Am dark skinned and any cream containing cocoa butter makes me darker. Even other creams recommended to me didn’t work for maintaining a dark skin. What am on now is the Palmers skin success.I think am going to stick to that for sometime and see the result.But I think exposure to too much sun while using these creams don’t make them work correctly.

  • Am light in complexion, an I once used so white at some point an O along it was working well, but at some point it stoped woking, so I stoped using it and went for fun bact, but now da problem is dat my skin has become a little bit darker dan before, so pliz wud u recomend 4 me amongest da lotions u av listed above which one will be best for me to restore my original skin colour an make it smooth, oh I also av pimple, plis help.

  • Am a guy am, light in completion, what kind of cream would you recommend, can I use E45? Because am using E-6 which one is better I don’t want anything that will bleach me thanks.

  • I am a 20yr old lady I was using honey lotion nd its good 2 my body till I bought d imitation which disfigured me with black spots nd now am using exclusive fair nd white which cleared all my spots just dat it changed my colour 2 I suggest dt u 1st of all remove d black spot before looking 4 d cream dt will lighten ur body .

  • Am dark using cocoa butter but is causing pimples on my face seriously and my wedding is coming up soon,which cream will i use please.

  • U didn’t had st Ives body moisturizers… st Ives products are just too good to be left out.

  • Pls apply ur cream before bed time only. It works well than in the day time. And it won’t dark u and cause sun burn etc. Nigeria wealther is too hot so apply ur body cream well only at night. Thnaks!

  • Pls would dove pro-age cream be okey for my black skin and where can i get it? Or your contact to trace shop.

  • Am chocolate wit a sensitive skin wich cream do i use

  • Plz I Need Ur Adv,am A Fair Lady Of 20yrs.Using Pure Skin Bt It’s Bleaches My Skin More,so Plz Recomend Me A Gud Cream Dat Wil Maintain My Fairly Luking Skin.I Need An Urgent Ans Plz Oh!Am Also Avin Pimples Al Of My Face 2 So Hlp Me Plz.

    • For your natural body maintainance cream….try LOVE NATURE both day and night cream(No bleaching),For skin lightening….try ESSENTIALS cleanser,toner and cream,For skin whitening….try SUN ZONE whitening protector and all other body areas with sun zone body Lotion,For anti-wrinkle…..try ECOLLAGEN set,For Dark spots/stretch marks removal….try PURE SKIN/black head toner and For mature skin 50+….try TIME REVERSING day and night cream….Visit today to get any of these products in every part of the world, or call Treasure on this number if you are in Nigeria 08066591817 (watsapp Enabled),A trial will surely convince you

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    having internet browser compatibility issues. When I look at your site in Safari,
    it looks fine however, when opening in I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues.
    I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Apart from
    that, wonderful website!

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  • Am chocolate what cream do u advice I use

  • Am light in color, have pimples,acne and dark spot on my face and shoulders. I have tried on lots of cream, but end up with a dark skin. Please what kind of cream do you recommend I use?

    • For your natural body maintainance cream….try LOVE NATURE both day and night cream(No bleaching),For skin lightening….try ESSENTIALS cleanser,toner and cream,For skin whitening….try SUN ZONE whitening protector and all other body areas with sun zone body Lotion,For anti-wrinkle…..try ECOLLAGEN set,For Dark spots/stretch marks removal….try PURE SKIN/black head toner and For mature skin 50+….try TIME REVERSING day and night cream….Visit today to get any of these products in every part of the world, or call Treasure on this number if you are in Nigeria 08066591817 (watsapp Enabled),A trial will surely convince you

    • Hello Silver,

      I use to have the same issuses as you but now my face is crystal clear and beautiful.

      Try the following… Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser and the secret of jennifer lopez exfoliating soap.

      Wash your whole body including your face with the Jennifer lopez exfoliating soap and then wash your face the second time with the Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser. You can use fadeout mosturizing face cream as your facial mosturizer….any body butter,black opal or cocoa butter is good for your body.

      All the best

  • Pls am having pimples l need. a cream for a chocolate skin

  • For your natural body maintainance cream….try LOVE NATURE both day and night cream(No bleaching),For skin lightening….try ESSENTIALS cleanser,toner and cream,For skin whitening….try SUN ZONE whitening protector and all other body areas with sun zone body Lotion,For anti-wrinkle…..try ECOLLAGEN set,For Dark spots/stretch marks removal….try PURE SKIN/black head toner and For mature skin 50+….try TIME REVERSING day and night cream….Visit today to get any of these products in every part of the world, or call Treasure on this number if you are in Nigeria 08066591817 (watsapp Enabled),A trial will surely convince you

  • am black in complexsion i using coco derm nd is lightning only my face i dont like it pls tell me d best cream to use for colour

  • These prodcuts are all readily available at very competitive prices too. Please contact Aura Cosmetics Ltd on 08036750848 or 08075551585. You can send us a chat on whatsapp too on 07051917498 and follow us on our Facebook page

  • pls I bought jergens (fairness) and am dark in colour won’t it bleach my skin ….and pls give me cream that will give me chocolate colour and that will clear my pimple

  • St Ives moisturizers should top this list… and they can be gotten at an affordable price too. I’m currently using the Collagen Elastin for timeless skin and i’m loving it!

  • I have oily/ acne prone skin and I’m equally fair in complexion would QEI be good for me to use?

  • nice article i have been using vaseline cocoa radiant bt since last year the changed some things,so am thinking of getting another one,may be jergens.thanks

  • i am fair in complexion am using miss white 7 days ad put so white oil just started using it i have sun burn on my face wat is the beta solution am getting darer each day

  • I’ve had issues choosing a particular kind of cream. recently i decided i’d use any cocoa butter products. However, i realized that this cream makes me darker and tends to cause pimples on my face. now i’m confuse and don’t know what product to use anymore.

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    is there any other web site which offers such data in quality?

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  • This list should contain more fragrance-free lotions/creams. Most Nigerian women are quite large, and they feel they must slather this stuff all over they bodies in heaps. The result is me sitting in their toxic cloud for 8 hours. Fragrance is created from chemicals – toxic. Please stop encouraging these women to buy lotions with fragrance added 🙁 .

  • Thank you aunt Joy for your in depth list of creams for dark skin Nigerian women. Please kindly email me names of good creams that removes black spots and does not bleach the skin for daughter who is fair and is 18 years.

    Thank you once again.

    Sado Patricia (Mrs)


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