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You no longer need a dedicated phone or tablet to experience the millions of apps available on your smartphone manufacturer’s mobile app store. With a mobile app emulator, you can now run your favourite apps on your PC and Mac computers. Listed here are the best three apps for your Android phones, Blackberry phones, as well as your Apple Phones.

  1. Bluestacks App Player: Bluestacks App Player is a free, versatile program that allows you to simulate and synchronise Android apps on your Windows PC and Mac OS computers. With this app, you can enjoy your favourite mobile apps and games in fast, full-screen mode. The program can also be configured to work with your choice of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Additionally, it is capable of integrating with the custom software experience which is designed and developed by computer manufacturers, as well as supporting the use of multiple languages. Clean and seamless, with the Bluestacks App Player you get thousands of the best Android apps on your computer at only a mouse click.
  2. Blackberry Desktop Manager: The Blackberry Desktop Manager coordinates the link between your smartphone, tablet, email accounts, calendar, apps, and much more. With this program, you can also efficiently synchronise data, contacts, music, photos, videos, and appointments between your PC or Mac computer with your smartphone. The Blackberry Desktop Manager also allows you to backup, restore, update, and organise apps and games on your smartphone through your computer. The program comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy and simple to use all while being entirely free for download on your phone’s Blackberry World store.
  3. iPadian: It’s not easy synchronising iPad and iPhone apps with a PC, the most you can do is to find a simulator software that emulates the iPhone’s experience on a computer, and at the moment the best of such program we have found is the iPadian. The iPadian PC simulator is based on Adobe Air, which creates an iOS style interface on your PC. The apps look exactly like they would on an iPad or iPhone platform and the installation process is very straight-forward. For iPadian to work effectively on a Windows PC though, you would need to have Microsoft NET.Framework installed on your computer; but besides that, this program is free and comes with high-end security features.

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This article was first published on 28th May 2016


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