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Marriage Relationships Top 10

10 Things Every Couple MUST Discuss Before Getting Married

28th August 2021

  Getting married is indeed a beautiful thing. It’s the coming together of two different people, now lovers and friends, to spend the rest of their lives together. It can be so exciting when getting married and most often couples in this state of excitement fail to discuss certain important issues before getting married. Read … Continue reading 10 Things Every Couple MUST Discuss Before Getting Married

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FAMILY Marriage Relationships

How To Date People As Single Parent

9th August 2021

Dating as a single parent can be a very time-consuming venture. This is because most single-parent consider children as the top-most priority and dedicate virtually all their time to raising and nurturing them. Unfortunately, while this might seem like it’s a responsible thing to do, it could also rob you of the possibilities of finding … Continue reading How To Date People As Single Parent

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Marriage Tourism

Strengthening Your Marital Relationship Through Tourism Activities

11th November 2018

Responsibilities and commitments tend to overburden married couples, daily leading to the critical need to make out time to be together. Sometimes when couples take their annual leave from work, they are so exhausted that they prefer to just have a staycation at home. Other times, they travel to their relatives’ place for the kids … Continue reading Strengthening Your Marital Relationship Through Tourism Activities

By ann

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LIFESTYLE Marriage Relationships

For Better for Worse vs. For Better for Better

9th November 2018

A short video clip was trending recently where a beautiful bride, teary eyed, took matrimonial vows with her handsome groom. It was a lovely scene as expected, but something stood out as she recited the words of the vow in a manner not often heard of. “…For better for worse, for richer for richer…”, she … Continue reading For Better for Worse vs. For Better for Better

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I’m Too Lazy to Have a Fantastic Marriage  

28th February 2018

Yes, I’m too lazy. I don’t have the energy and this is why my marriage is “good”. Sure, there are people with great marriages but those ones have two heads, you just can’t see the other one with your physical eyes. Someone once likened a great marriage to ducks swimming, smooth and effortless on top … Continue reading I’m Too Lazy to Have a Fantastic Marriage  

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Marriage: 10 Things We Know We Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

25th January 2018

What you know may not matter much, if you aren’t applying it. You might as well, not have that knowledge at all. When it comes to marriage, there are things we know we should do, but life and laziness get in the way: Date night: Experts and counsellors have nearly gone hoarse, emphasizing how helpful … Continue reading Marriage: 10 Things We Know We Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

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Let’s Talk About Marital Sex

4th July 2017

Can we talk about how men always want their wives to be in the mood for sex whenever they want it without any effort on their part? Please don’t say it’s because our mothers, the traditional African mothers, did it and so it’s a woman’s duty. Or threaten to have sex outside your marriage, or … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Marital Sex

By ann

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