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Responsibilities and commitments tend to overburden married couples, daily leading to the critical need to make out time to be together. Sometimes when couples take their annual leave from work, they are so exhausted that they prefer to just have a staycation at home. Other times, they travel to their relatives’ place for the kids to mingle with the extended family. Only a handful of married couples in Nigeria take out time to hang out or engage in tourism activities when they have free time. And no, birthdays and anniversary treats don’t count in this context. Creating time for tourism shouldn’t be ‘on a clock’ or at the bottom of your priority list. The need to disengage from life and take a trip together can be a turning point in your relationship. Imagine taking a time off, as a couple, to go to an Art Gallery e.g. any Nike Art Gallery in the country. While walking around and appreciating artworks, you forget your worries and live in the moment. Some artworks will prompt you to have conversations about issues that your mundane daily routine won’t let you think of; creating an opportunity for intimate non-sexual conversations devoid of daily cares of life. Sometimes taking a trip to a resort like Crystal Lake resort, creates an opportunity for quality alone time. You get to be in each other’s face and talk about things you wish for. You get to share the moment of wonder when you see a beautiful sunset while on a boat cruise together. And if your sex life lacks lustre, spending the night in a beautiful, clean hotel environment after a relaxing day in a jacuzzi or sauna can put you in the mood. Throw in food tourism with an exotic meal, the right music to set the atmosphere and you are in for a stellar night. You don’t even need a sleepover for the visit to ignite the embers of romance. A picnic at Lekki Conservation Centre can do the trick. There you have time to go on the canopy walkway, play a game of giant-sized chess, hold hands and stroll to the koi fish pond and watch the fishes swim. Or if you are an adventure or adrenaline junkie, taking on the rope obstacle course in Leisure Lekki Lake Centre or a trip to Hi Impact is what you need. You can journey through Okomu National Park or go horseback riding at Abraka Turf and Country Club to experience nature with your loved one. The beauty of engaging in tourism activities together is the improved communication skills you develop, memories you create, the time you spend together and discovery you end up making about your spouse. Even if you don’t travel, you can have a city tour, visit the zoo or museum in your city together and use that opportunity to strengthen your marital relationship.

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This article was first published on 11th November 2018


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