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BUSINESS Sellers Guide

Guide To Exporting Your Agricultural Products From Nigeria

6th June 2022

  Exportation is the bedrock of a country’s revenue. With little or no exportation, a country is up for incurring more debts, especially when the ratio of imports is much greater. This means that the importance of exportation cannot be overlooked. Wondering what exportation is? It is the movement of commodities from one country to … Continue reading Guide To Exporting Your Agricultural Products From Nigeria

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BUSINESS Finance Sellers Guide

Spending Triggers In Your Business

25th April 2022

A spending trigger is anything that makes you spend impulsively, without an active plan. It is a drift out of your business expenses and puts you at a great risk. Triggers are emotional and reactive in nature. It is never based out of a need but an experience. It could be a way to react … Continue reading Spending Triggers In Your Business

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BUSINESS Business Review Finance Sellers Guide

3 Ways To Keep Track Of Your Finances

15th April 2022

One of the challenges most persons have is their inability to keep track of their finances – that is, being able to say for sure where their money comes from and where it is going to, as expenses, investments or savings. In a previous article, I shared that being able to keep track of your … Continue reading 3 Ways To Keep Track Of Your Finances

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BUSINESS Sellers Guide

5 Things You Should Do To Save A Failing Business

6th April 2022

  A business fails due to various reasons ranging from lack of finance to low customer turnout or poor sales to debt and so on. However, no business hasn’t faced downtimes. It takes applying the right techniques to kickstart and keep your business afloat. In this article, I discuss 5 things to do when your … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Do To Save A Failing Business

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Automobile Sellers Guide

5 Tips For Buying A Great Used Car

13th March 2022

Purchasing a used car can be risky, difficult, and even complex when you don’t know what you should take into consideration. The desire to get a car that is worth the money, and can serve the purpose for which it was bought. A good second-hand car sells for between 1 million and 10 million Naira, … Continue reading 5 Tips For Buying A Great Used Car

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