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Food is a basic necessity. Man therefore keeps finding new ways to make food accessible. Decades ago, we moved from a system of exchanging goods for goods (trade-by-barter) to a monetized system all in a bid to increase the value of what we purchase. But the process has never been easier, as technology now fosters simple transactions that can be done online to acquire food and groceries. We now have e-commerce websites that make online food purchase possible. In fact, the last few years have seen an increase in the number of food websites in Nigeria, all ensuring that food is acquired in an uncomplicated manner. Here is a list of some of them below: (Source:
With access to the largest assortment of groceries anywhere in Nigeria, Supermart is growing to resemble the likes of Walmart and Tesco. Supermart boasts to be an online delivery service that delivers ordered goods to all major parts of Lagos within a three-hour time interval. The website’s grocery collection is loaded with everything you’d ever think of when it comes to kitchen-related items. Apart from food, also delivers beauty and cosmetic products, office supplies, pharmacy items, toiletries, books, and other utilities. The great qualities Supermart has is its timeliness and “customer-first” approach that sees it delivering ordered good on the basis of convenience and comfort for the customer. People ordering from Supermart can get their products delivered to them within three sets of working hours – 12 pm to 3 pm, 3 pm to 6 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm. This customer-centric approach is what makes Supermart stand out among other brands.

Jumia Food. (Source:
Formerly HelloFood, Jumia Food fosters timely and effective food delivery across the cities of Nigeria. With an emphasis on quality and on-time delivery, Jumia Food provides its users access to a variety of various restaurants and fast foods falling into different categories including Chinese, Italian, Thai, Continental, Nigerian dishes, and many more. Jumia Food is now a major player in the online food delivery service catering to over 11 African countries. (Source:
Delivery Man is the most recently founded service on this list with a knack for fast delivery and “going the extra mile” just to satisfy the delivery needs of online retail businesses, social media, social media retailers, physical stores, and even individuals as long as the items you intend to deliver fall within Deliveryman’s parameters. One of the main services offered by is food delivery. This tilts especially towards cookeries and fast food businesses looking to operate home-delivery services. Other services offered by the brand include bulk mail deliveries – company annual reports, bulk stationery, wedding invitations and related services within Lagos. (Source: is as old as Nigerian e-commerce itself. Founded by Olumide Olusanya, a medical doctor turned tech-guru who acknowledged the everyday struggles of home-keepers who had to go through the process of stocking groceries bought from the supermarkets and stores. With the aim to make things easier for them, he came up with and launched it on the 30th of June, 2012. From starting out as a service provider to just a small segment of Lagos, Gloo is growing to become one of the foremost e-commerce services and vouches to become the biggest online supermarket in Nigeria overtaken Shoprite and the likes. (Source:
A large percentage of Nigerians patronize the local markets for their foodstuffs and groceries. However, heading to the market after a stressful day’s job is not something to look forward to for the average Nigerian. It was in a bid to solve this problem that came on board. Founded in 2014 by Uchay Ariolu, enables users to conveniently order food and groceries in a stress-free and timely manner through the click of a button. Interestingly, the website has a listing of various local markets such as Ajah market, Oyigbo, Mushin market, Ariaria market, Oil Mill market and lots more. Offering an unconventional way to buy grocery, assures its users of hygienic food items from their preferred stores and markets.  

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This article was first published on 13th July 2018


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