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Imagine you have a product you are selling for 50,000 Naira and all of a sudden 10,000 people get to see and learn about this product or service you render. According to recent research, 76 per cent of consumers said they had purchased a product after seeing an online ad. 76% of 10000 people is 7600 people. Let’s do the math. If 7600 consumers spot the product or service you are selling for N50000, that will translate to N380,000,000 for you.   Social media, particularly content you make visible to a ready audience, increasingly serves as a gateway to product purchases. What if we told you we can make that happen for you?   Over the years, we have played a major role in increasing the visibility and profitability of businesses in Nigeria and we have found that most businesses just need a little more eyes to see them and they break even.   You can now get featured in our articles and social sites, and get seen by an average of 80,000 readers consequently.

Why get featured?

  • To celebrate yourself and your journey to success.
  • To reach a wider audience of consumers and suppliers beyond your own network and reach.
  • To become an authority and amplify your voice as a personal brand and a thought leader in your field.
  • To get your footprints in an online space apart from your social media or website.
  • To inspire other business leaders from all over the world on their own journey to success.
  • To become accessible for opportunities such as awards, honours list, special visas, local and global recognition, social media verifications etc.

Our Get Featured Options

You can choose any of these:
  • Featured Business – the feature will focus on you & your work
  • Featured Article – you will write an article, and we’ll publish it
  • Embed Links – you send us a link to your product which we’ll insert in our most-read article for the week

Our Get Featured Pricing Options

  • Featured Business – N25,000 per feature
  • Featured Article – N25,000 per article
  • Embed Links – N15,000

What We Are Offering

  • A feature on you will be written and published on our high-traffic website.
  • It will be read by our over 1 million audiences through our social media sites.
  • You will get an easy-to-share customised link, e.g.

How To Proceed

Please send us an email or contact us via or call +234 809 800 5000 to get featured.   Thank you for reading! Someone you know may need this information and inspiration; please share this post so they can see it.

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This article was first published on 18th April 2023


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro is a visionary communications professional. She is the Founder of Pine-Empress Creatives Concepts LTD where she helps individuals and businesses as a media and comms strategist. Adesewa currently helps Faith-based organisations, Churches, and Ministers who use digital media to structure their message for increased influence, impact and income. Find her work at

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