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Looking for a new or fairly used phone? Want to sell off your phone quickly to earn some extra cash? You can now do all this and more on powered by telecoms giant, Airtel. This Nigeria’s first online phone trading platform allows customers swap, buy and sell mobile phones on a website that’s easy to navigate through. The Airtel-powered site solves the age-old problem of not knowing how to get rid of or sell off unwanted phones. Even ruined phones are acceptable; customers can trade those with mechanical faults like cracks and dents to those interested in selling other parts or getting phones at a cheap price. Here’s how the trading option works via the Phonetrader wizard: Step 1: Select your brand of phone (Apple, Blackberry or Samsung) Step 2: Select your current phone type Step 3: Choose your phone’s grade, that is, current state Grade A
  • It’s clean as new or appears to be new out of box.
  • It’s without any visible scratch, or marks.
  • Has never been repaired
Grade B
  • Has minor scratches
  • It’s fully functional, including keypad, buttons, ports.
  • Has a repair history
Grade C
  • Is not 100% functional
  • Has a cracked screen or body
  • Does not power on
Step 4: Select your new phone   To begin, visit     For great deals and discounts, also check out our deals section.

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This article was first published on 3rd September 2015


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