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Everyone should try fundraising for a worthy cause at least once. Showing that kind of dedication to a cause you care about, regardless of the amount raised, is an incredible accomplishment. Despite the best of intentions, fundraising challenges are common – but don’t let that discourage you!

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Allow each obstacle to motivate you even more: excel in the face of adversity and do your charity and sponsors proud! Whether you’re starting a fundraising campaign from scratch or looking for ideas, our top fundraising tips will help you succeed.

The significance of a good story

You don’t just start a good cause action. You will only do so if you are convinced that the action is worthwhile. By starting an action, you are requesting that others share your viewpoint in order to facilitate donations. Make sure there is as much to share as possible. Fill out your profile carefully, and don’t forget to upload a number of relevant photos. Photos are significant because they stimulate the imagination. Tell your entire story. Explain to potential donors why this promotion is so important and what will be done with the donations. People want to know what will happen to their donation. This increases their commitment and makes your online fundraising a success.

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Do not be afraid to record a personal video of yourself in which you explain why this action is so important. It is only possible with a smartphone!

Be the first to donate.

Donors are generally hesitant to be the first to make a donation. Set a good example by making the first donation. Keep in mind that you set the tone when deciding on the amount of this donation. Another useful “money-making tip”! Donors frequently add to previous contributions. Also, after making your own donation, leave a message in the comment section so that you can see who made the donation.

This way, you get a nice and, most importantly, interesting page that a donor will not easily forget. This increases your chances of receiving gifts.

Make a good plan.

You can get a head start by approaching friends and family before posting your promotion online and asking them to support your charity. Because if you have 10 to 15 donors for your promotion who make a donation on the first day, your promotion is likely to be a success.

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According to the statistics, if you receive 80 percent of your gifts within 5 days, you have a fivefold chance of receiving 100 percent. Pages that start slowly reach 100% much less frequently.

So, use our fundraising tips to do everything possible to ensure that your online fundraising is a success.

Take your time. There is no doubt about it: fundraising is difficult. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and perseverance, and yes, your enthusiasm will sometimes seem to fall on deaf ears. But don’t be discouraged! The highs are always greater than the lows. When you’re feeling down about fundraising, think about the end result: how great you’ll feel, how impressed your sponsors will be, and how much of a difference you’ll make to your chosen charity.

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This article was first published on 3rd August 2022


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