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Replicating designs can be easy or difficult. There is so much that goes on when copying an existing design for your client. The process can be tedious especially if it is a complicated style.

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Your clients will always come across designs they love. With dreamy eyes and wide imagination, they will come to you to bring it to life. They will expect to get the exact design and fitting on their body as the original design.

As a fashion designer, you should take note of the tips below to avoid unnecessary drama.

1. The concept behind the design

All styles stem from inspiration. When fashion designers create a new design, they have added creativity to their inspiration. You might not know the mind of a designer when replicating his/her design. However, a careful observation of the style will give you a hint.

Designs are not created from nothing. When you understand the direction of the style, it will be easier for you to replicate. You can slowly but surely figure out the thought-process of the designer.

For instance, in the Victorian era, corsetry for female was the order of the day. Corsetswere used to shape the wearer figure. To replicate a design from the Victorian age for female, you must understand corsetry. When you understand the concept behind any design you want to replicate, it makes it easier.

2. The fabric of the design

When replicating a design, you will make great success when you use the exact fabric used in the original design. Not all fabrics can be used for some styles.

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If you don’t have the exact fabric, use something very similar. You will not get the same result if you use an inappropriate fabric. You should not underestimate the power of the right fabric.

For instance, silk fabric is very different from velvet. If you interchange their use, the outcome will be horrible.

3. The shape/figure of your client

It is wrong to make assumptions that a design with fit your client. Picture is different from reality. No matter your level of expertise or creativity, some designs won’t look good on certain clients.

It is very important to take the shape/figure of your client into consideration. Will the garment look good on your client? Does your client have the right shape/figure for the outfit? Can you make the outfit suit a client with a different body proportion?

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When you are sure that your client will look good in the design, you can proceed.

4. The time needed to make the design

Many clients think designs that are replicated don’t take time. Well, it depends on the design. Some may be simple and straightforward while others are complicated and time-consuming.

It is important to know how long it will take you to finish a design. This is particularly for designers who take on customers’ orders and your customers hand pick their preferred design.

Take your time to go through the details of the garment. Consider external and internal factors. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure. When you have considered all you need, you can make your choice.


The tips mentioned above are useful for both fashion designers and their clients. Fashion designing is all about replicating deisgns and modifying existing ones.

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This article was first published on 30th July 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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