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Choosing a career is a developmental process that could extend throughout life; it involves not a single decision but a series of decisions. The right career decision sets the pace for determining success in a person’s life. It is the cause of satisfaction and happiness, depending on how accurately the career choice made is.

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Personality can be said to be the ways an individual reacts to, views life and interacts with others. Characteristics like shyness, aggression, submission, laziness, ambition, loyalty, timidity, when exhibited in a large and consistent number of situations, are called personality traits.

An advantage of matching your personality with your choice of career is that it helps create a seamless workflow, and increases the ease at which you connect with your colleagues and clients. It is noted that those with outgoing and expressive traits tend to enjoy working with in jobs and career choices that give them the opportunity to be themselves. They likely will want to be in popular fields like sales, public relations, media and entertainment etc.

There is a category of people who naturally express kindness and empathy and it is mostly seen that they enjoy career paths that deal with providing help and support for people. These choices include counselling, mental health support, community services, among others.

Introverted individuals most naturally would appreciate behind-the-scene jobs, so they will gravitate towards IT, accounting and job types that will require thoroughness and details. They also enjoy routine work and will most likely want nothing to do with the spotlight.

Choosing a career path in line with your personality improves your job performance, and relationship with your colleagues. This is important because career choices are beyond jobs. There are different aspect to a job and different personality traits can be represented in a single job. As an engineer, you might enjoy being a field agent, and detest the administrative duties that come with being one. This means that it is not enough to pick an introverted or extroverted path in career, you must also find where you are best suited within it to function maximally.

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When you figure out where you are meant to be, the chemistry with your colleagues is formed. They know just how and when they can rely on you. You will feel more confidence and valuable. You will have tasks that best match both your skills and character traits, and your attitude towards work will become positive. You will experience a greater sense of comfort and a higher commitment to the role in your job.

You will also become well acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses when you pay attention to your personality traits. Your strengths will help determine what you excel at, and your weakness helps you discover where you should outsource, or improve upon. If you cannot do without a particular area in your field because it is contrary to your personality, this assessment will help you prepare and cover those lapses.

We might not be absolutely clear on what you want to do for the rest of your life but the truth remains that you will be happier and more productive when you work in roles that align with your natural preferences. You will struggle less and thrive in it. Self awareness is a productive exercise and helps you maintain a consistent track record of results.

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This article was first published on 24th February 2022


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