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Career choice is an important stage in the life of an individual, this is because it directly and indirectly influences a number of decisions that he/she takes based on their career choices. 
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Career choice is no more a one-time occurrence that would end with the decision of the right university or college, career choice extends until we get the right job and get a satisfying work profile. When the thought of a career choice comes up, many other factors arise as well, such as job description, required skills and education, salary, career outlook. However, many other meaningful factors can influence someone’s career choice.  Nowadays, it is normal to find most individuals confused or unaware of their career path, even when they seem to have settled down in a particular job or career. They seem uncertain of the particular career, as it does not given them a clear vision of what they want to do. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to have a good, clear and precise career choice at an early stage so that it allows you to succeed and achieve better in the chosen profession. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CAREER CHOICE
  • Parents’ Aspiration/Parental Pressure:
This is common especially among young people and students as well, where young people choose a career just to live up to their parents’ expectation, which most times they tend to regret later in life. This is very common among students and individuals from business families, such as a home with medical parents or lawyers, and these students are expected to fill the shoes of their parents by choosing a career in line with that of their parents.
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  • Personality
Not everyone can be the same as we are all different with different tastes, preferences, and tempers.  This also means that an individual’s career choice is dependent on his or her personality. Most individuals choose their interest field based on their personality and character. In this case, personality involves not only the outward presentation of an individual but the perception and beliefs he/she holds about society.  Personality traits always help in deciding a good career, for it is easy to sharpen up the skills we already posses, as these skills will help us excel in our career.
  • Cultural Background
The culture, regional area and ethnic group of an individual directly and indirectly affect his/her career choice because some cultures do not condone certain careers. In addition, family of the job seeker and local area also can become the factors, which can determine someone’s future career. This is because, an individual’s expectations and life values are always shaped according to the cultural issues, and these cultural issues tend to influence so many aspects of our lives. It is important to understand how the nature of our expectations, beliefs and values can help us to understand our personality and make a right career choice.  
  • Finance
This is another important factor in making career choices, this is because finance is important and we basically have to pay for almost everything we eat and use. However, everyone has different needs and ways of life, that is why most individuals are asked to think twice when considering the job, which will not allow living as you like and make a correct and reasonable choice. On the other hand, the rate of affordability determines the purchasing power of individuals.  Furthermore, some individuals make their career choice based on what the career has to offer in terms of finances, they would rather settle for a career that pays them well than settle for a career that suits their personality. In conclusion, career choice should not be based on any particular model or perception, as every individual has the right to choose his/her career based on his interest in a particular area. So choosing the future career is perhaps the most important decision in our lives and for that reason, we need to think well and weigh all the pros and cons before making our decisions. Featured image: The Guardian Nigeria
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This article was first published on 27th January 2022 and updated on January 30th, 2022 at 6:27 am


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