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  The tech world is an ever-growing, ever-expanding and ever-encompassing field of life, therefore switching careers into the tech world is a great decision. There is a myriad of opportunities in the tech ecosystem, this is because every field of life is going digital. Everything in this jet era is going techy and digital, hence individuals in the tech world can’t be out of work.
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There is a lot to do in the tech field either on a full-time scale or per-time (side hustle), career paths ranging from database administrator, data analyst, designer, software engineer, technical freelancer, project manager, App developer, web designer and maintainer to network engineer, and other tons of career paths: it’s overwhelming. The good news is that you can start with one career path and end up in other with little or no knowledge in computer or programming language. So, if you are considering a career switch in the tech world, you want to try another field of life or wants to go techy, this article is for you, as everything you need to get prepared for this august leap is made available in this short article.

1: Start By Carrying Out A Research

The tech field is multifaceted and broad. Therefore, it is wise to start by researching the careers, roles and skill-set involved in each career in the tech sphere. This will also help you to vet yourself, evaluate the skills you have now and pinpoint the possible career for yourself. You can use search engines for the research or look for people in the field already, or even engage in the two forms of research for a top-notch insight.

2: Pick A Career Path

After the initial research on having a general insight into the tech field, you should be able to select a career path that suits you. You can start with one career or role and move into another or add more roles to yourself. Once you have decided on the path to take, take some necessary courses, either online or offline. Learn the necessary skill-set needed in the tech role you are pinning down for, dust yourself and start your new life in the tech community.
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3: Learn Hypertext Markup Language (Html)

HTML is the browser text markup. Techies are now required to learn this language that goes beyond browsing to understanding how the web pages work and also helps them to delve into the internet innards. HTML is a tech language that helps you understand how things are organized on web pages.

4: Start A Project

Once you have started learning and understanding the nitty-gritty in the career path you have chosen, it’s time to initiate your project on that path; it would be web building, Mobile App creation, product design, UI/UX designing, AI, anything, start a project. You don’t need to be a guru before you venture into practising what you have learnt. Learn, practice and learn even more. You learn and discover more things as you practice. In tech, practice will do you better than theory.

5: Be Consistent

Motivation is not enough for success, starting a project or a new career won’t give you the desired result until you are determined to remain and be consistent. Lack of commitment and consistency make people move from one place to another without achieving anything. You need to keep learning and keep improving at all costs. Create out time to learn and practice, it could be 30 minutes every day or more.

6: Network With Others

There are tons of advantage networking bring your way as a newbie in the tech industry. It helps you stand on the shoulders of others, learn how to do something faster and also boost your confidence. Starting a new career in tech is something that can be done. All you need is the right tools and sources which this article has offered. Follow the tips in this article and have a smooth career in the tech ecosystem. Featured Image Source: Inc. Magazine
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This article was first published on 24th January 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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