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This blog’s alluring design captures and holds the attention of the visitor. The layout is colourful, with sheets of green, pink, yellow, orange and blue greeting guests on the homepage. Yet it is not jarring; instead it beckons the reader to relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enjoy. It’s not long before the reader realizes that this is more than just a pretty blog. It is barely three months old and already boasts a captivating fiction series, “Assumptions” which at the time of writing this, is already in its eighth part. These posts not only show dedication to blogging, but also a strong creative gift. Evidently a spiritually inclined young woman, the blogger tucks in posts like “Blessed Are Those” and scriptural references such as “Matthew 4:4”. Anaecheri Angel Okwuosa aspires to the prestigious Harvard University. Born in London, England and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, United States Angel relocated to Lagos, Nigeria with her family seven years ago, and has written many unpublished poems and short stories. She is the author of Diary of a Misfit, her first published work. Undeniably a talented writer, Angel’s aspiration is to become “the best lawyer and author ever and to make Nigeria a country to reckon with.” If this seems like a lofty dream, then read this excerpt from “Our Troubled Mother: Happy Independence Day”; “Her green and white streaked hair was beginning to fall off; her children stressed her so much! Although she was the giant amongst her siblings, some of her children were doing a very good job at ruining her and her family’s reputation. Some of her children didn’t even want to return to their house, to make it better… She closed her eyes in prayer and almost wept at the thought of what the people who had set her free from her captives must feel; all of their hard work, sacrifices wasted, overshadowed by bribery and corruption. No! She couldn’t give up now. Her eyes wandered over to the prayer warriors. She had mixed feelings about them. They wanted her to get better, to be as powerful as she had once been, but they were too busy praying that they didn’t do anything. She believed in the power of prayer, but how did they expect God to use them to answer their prayers if they were too busy waiting for God to use others? The elderly woman tried to contain her tears.” Did we mention that the blogger is 16 years old? Check out Angel’s blog:

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This article was first published on 4th October 2013


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  • SFQ

    Awesome! Good job, Angel. We are proud of you. Love you.

  • Great job well done Angel,please keep the nice work going on,your are highly appreciated,kudos to you and keep it up.(

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