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Isn’t it exciting to think about the idea of being President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Even if you never wanted to be, take some time out to think about what you would do if you were president of this great country. I think it would generally do us all some good. Some of those things we can come up with if we were to be president of Nigeria, we can likewise start doing them in small bits whether we are employees at a firm or our own bosses. Let’s get back to me explaining all the things I’ll do if I were president. First, I will make history as the first woman to be president in Nigeria (yipee!) if I were to be president today. I would not want that to be in vain so I will put in a considerable amount of effort in making sure my time as president means something positive to the economic growth of the country, to Nigerians and to testify to the innate strength of women. But the burning issues in the country must be dealt with properly and with adequate attention. The issues underlining corruption and terrorism are of prime importance. Nothing functions right while corrupt practices and terror activities are condoned and endured. Therefore, for functionality, those two need to be gotten rid off. Good Night and Enough! How do I go about this? I would have to start with me and with those who work closely with me. Tax issues must also be sorted out. Nigerians don’t want to pay taxes and still see things the same. Tax-paying Nigerians want to see a difference when it comes to infrastructural development because it aids economic growth for individuals, businesses and the country at large. All states must continue developing; no state must remain stagnant. People in the civil service need to undergo regular training that would make them forces of change in Nigeria. A change in orientation is also of great need for civil servants. This, my government would undertake by organizing training programs by true professionals for the civil service. Because we shun corruption and terror, people who have performed excellently in their studies will be considered for positions in the civil service; their income will be one that would guarantee their comfort and for their families. Provision for training and financial encouragement beyond YouWin will abound for Nigerians looking to be their own bosses. Large private companies would be required to give to their communities in vital ways. Because there will be more entrepreneurs, opportunities to find employment will increase and less people would wander aimlessly. The above and more is what a president who is determined to see great change in the country can make happen. Nobody promises great success in these things overnight. There will be challenges trying to change what has always been the case for decades but nobody says it is impossible. If you read up the history of the countries of the world, you will find their beginnings very hard to believe because they have gone through the bad and the ugly, yet they were able to wiggle out of it by determination to get the good. All it takes is a leader’s determination for true change. There are Nigerians who look forward to that day – the day when that woman or man who is determined to drive change will take his/her place as president. We all should be at that place; ready to receive and support that man or woman that would truly bring about great and positive change. Back to our reality in our workplaces, in our schools and in our homes; take that determination you have for great and positive change when you become president first to those places. When you become president, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to be true to yourself and to what has now, with steadfastness and persistence, become your value. I tell myself; “Be the change you want to see now; then it would not be so difficult.” That, right there, is the truth!  

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This article was first published on 17th March 2014

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