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People cannot give what they don’t have. You only give what you have. How can you sell the products or services you are yet to discover? If you do this, you are surely on a journey that will lead to nowhere!

You sell only what you know. Prospects get attracted in what you are selling when you are able to connect them to the product. This can only happen when the salesman is equipped with the knowledge of the product he is selling.

The salesman needs to understand his product beyond Features, Advantages, and Benefits [FAB]. He should take the knowledge of the product to what I call the ‘‘Emotional Connect.’’ You need to connect with your product emotionally and logically. You need to ‘‘communicate’’ to your product and your product ‘‘communicates’’ with you too! You need to get very personal with your product. This is what I call, ‘‘Real Product Knowledge.’’ Average salespeople are not deeply rooted in product knowledge. It is when you understand this aspect of your product that you will know how to transfer what you feel about the product to the prospect or customer. This is how to get to the top in your selling.

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This article was first published on 29th April 2016


George Emetuche is a Brian Tracy endorsed best-selling author, sales trainer, life coach, on-air personality, motivational speaker, sales, and marketing consultant. He is the Chief Executive Salesman at The Selling Champion Consulting Limited. The company trains salespeople and other professionals on winning sales strategies. Reach him via sales[@] or

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