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With the boom of the Internet today, many companies have now begun to see the need for social media in their companies. Others have now taken the time to understand the role that social media plays in the growth of the company. A few others have become proactive and are intentional about getting their hands into using the tools that the internet provides.

Understanding the role of the web to a business can be daunting at first, especially when trying to merge the old age and the new age. However, there are some firms that have hones their skills to become specialists in providing digital solutions to clients all around Nigeria. Their services help to provide a seamless interface between business and customer. As a start-up, small business or an individual, to get the very best in terms of digital marketing for your company, you should consider:

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This digital marketing firm is well known all around Nigeria for its speciality in web design. Cregital has been the number one website designer for various large corporation’s including Zenith Bank, Tony Elumelu and even Disha page. The need for a business website cannot be overemphasised and seeing this challenge, Cregital is well-positioned to providing excellent services to the best of their abilities. They work tirelessly to provide clean websites with user-friendly UI/UX.


Wild fusion specialises in small businesses. They provide branding, social media management and other peculiar services that assist small businesses to stand out. Wild fusion gives the best to ensure that the brand fits with the client expectation and that consumers satisfaction is a priority. They are indeed a Nigerian brand to reckon with and pride themselves in providing excellent products and services.

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As the name implies, alternate adverts are the masters of ads. They specialise in Facebook, Instagram and Google ads and provide the best SEO marketing in Nigeria. They are target-oriented and gathered together the necessary tools to ensure that their clients get the best turnover from paid ads. Having a fine understanding of how ‘pay per click works’ ensure that no resource goes to waste. Alternate Adverts are dedicated to ensuring that your ads hit the targeted audience.

By and large, there are various digital marketing films available in Nigeria and these have been carefully curated across various categories spanning from small business needs to websites, content creation and digital marketing as a whole.

If the need is related in a mundane way to social media, these big guns know their onions and have spent years honing the necessary skills to provide top-notch products and services to the Nigerian Market. If you are in Nigerian looking to get the best for your brand, it is advisable to conduct your own research to ensure that what you want is what you would get. This is because there might definitely exist some other digital firms that can give you some value for lesser money.

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This article was first published on 13th August 2021


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