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What do you think is the main factor that sustains a relationship? What do you think makes friends, spouses, businesses and nations stay together happily for a very long period of time? Why would people confide in few persons when it comes to issues of the heart? The reason is trust. Mutual trust is the real deal in business. Trust is the major factor in any relationship. Leaders attract followership if they can make more people trust them. People follow a leader they can feel. Everyone looks out for trust. Businesses want to attract trust. Spouses want their partners to trust them. If you want to succeed as a salesman, ensure that a lot of people trust you. Attract more trust. You don’t just wish for it; you earn it. Trust is earned. Trust determines the direction of relationships. Once there is no trust, there wouldn’t be any need for relationships; whether business or personal. Any relationship that exists for a reasonable time without trust is fruitless. Such relationship should not continue to exist because it will likely end up in wasted venture! Relationship undergoes stages until it gets to a stage where folks will trust themselves. Once distrust is the norm in a relationship, then that relationship is not worth the effort. One peculiar thing about trust is that it is earned. I have said this before and I will continue to say it. People may not just trust at first sight. It may take a little time and effort to establish trust. At the beginning of a business relationship, parties may not trust each other. This should be expected because trust is earned; it is not out of place to earn trust. However, it will be an issue of concern when distrust becomes a pattern.  It is the duty of the parties involved to do things that will encourage and attract mutual trust. Trust develops by the day. Trust is like depositing and withdrawing money from your savings account. The account increases when you live up to the expectations of the other party and decreases when the reverse is the case. Salesmen should note this important point. Trust means a lot to sales. I often say, no trust, no sales. Period! I was recently in a sales seminar as a lead discussant and a young professional asked me the definition of a salesman. I smiled and told him that the salesman is the custodian of mutual trust between his organisation and their customers and prospects. Yes, the salesman ensures that the trust between his company, the prospects and customers is sustained. Whenever the salesman is talking about his company’s product and services, his actions and inactions affect the products positively or negatively. His yes should be yes. His word should be his bond. Selling is all about trust. The relationship between the company, salespeople, prospects and customers is about trust. Let this be your guide as a sales professional.

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This article was first published on 26th May 2016


George Emetuche is a Brian Tracy endorsed best-selling author, sales trainer, life coach, on-air personality, motivational speaker, sales, and marketing consultant. He is the Chief Executive Salesman at The Selling Champion Consulting Limited. The company trains salespeople and other professionals on winning sales strategies. Reach him via sales[@] or

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