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Bye Sunday, Hello Monday…

Every employer needs to understand that the way their employees feel about themselves contributes in some way to the success/failure of their organisation. Confident employees who have a high level of self-esteem will likely make informed decisions that will bring positive advancement to the companies they work for.

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They will feel good about themselves, channel their thoughts and energies into carrying out a task, and will definitely get along with co-workers. On the other hand, there is limited progress when the workplace has workers battling with their low self-esteem. Employers and managers are therefore tasked with the job of ensuring that the work environment is healthy by putting in place certain measures that aid positivity.

We have discussed the reasons why a healthy sense of self-esteem is needed in the workplace. Now, we need to discover the ways in which employers can build their employees’ self-confidence and make them feel important and respected.

Have Room For Open Communication: Do not try to intimidate your employees into keeping shut when they are not comfortable with certain policies and changes. Let them talk about the pressing issues that bother them. Listening to their takes during decision-making processes will make them feel valued. When there is poor communication across the various departments in your company, your employees are bound to feel undervalued in every sense. If there is no existing open communication amongst you and your employees, they would not feel useful in any decision making processes.

Do Not Hold Back On Praises: Did someone do something that is deserving of commendation? Express it. If anyone does well or performs their tasks well, do not hesitate to applaud them.

Set Up A Reward System: You should give incentives when an employee performs their tasks well enough. This will definitely boost their self-esteem. Create bonuses, prizes, awards, etc. that will motivate them to do better and make them feel significant. Do not hesitate to show gratitude when necessary so as to make them feel good about themselves.

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Let There Be No Room For Pessimism: Your employees need to realize that they are capable of achieving bigger things when they set their minds to them and believe in themselves. Therefore, it is pertinent that you encourage them to believe in their ability to perform well. When there is a need for criticism, ensure that it is constructive and not destructive. As their boss, do not indulge in negative talks that will likely bring down their spirits and create a toxic and unhealthy office life.

Spice Up Work Routine By Incorporating A Number Of Exercises: There should be no time for monotonous work life. Incorporate some exercises to help your employees feel energetic and active. Google some simple office exercises to do and draft a schedule that will discourage the tedious and boring work routine existing in your company.

Be Open To Idea Sharing Amongst Your Employees: Make your employees feel comfortable around you. Create an air of freedom as regards sharing ideas and prospects. You can also create channels that will encourage idea sharing amongst your staff. You should pay attention to them and acknowledge good ideas; this will surely boost their self-esteem since they will feel that their opinions are considered.

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This article was first published on 14th March 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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