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The logistics involved in the delivery of items for merchants who operate a system that delivers to its customers can be very bogging and this has discouraged a lot of individuals with good business ideas. When it comes to dealing with this issue, the best solution is usually outsourcing.

Introducing Delivery Bros, an online platform that supports intra-city logistics by matching SMEs, online retailers and individuals with the nearest dispatch on its network, to pick-up within minutes and deliver their packages.

To patronize Delivery Bros, add Delivery Bros on +2348156796295 to your WhatsApp contact, Send pickup and drop -off details, and request a bros nearest to the pickup point (still on WhatsApp), confirm request instantly and get your login details to track delivery status seamlessly.

Delivery Bros offers instant deliveries from ₦800 with no signup fee, average pickup time of 20 mins, standard goods in transit insurance covering all deliveries, no surge pricing, an entitlement to weekend discounts and freebies, hyperlocal deliveries using bicycles and round the clock support.

Also, Delivery Bros is offering opportunities to owners of bicycles, motorcycles and tricycles to join their network. They are offering great pay and flexible hours. Delivery Bros is available in Abuja, Lagos, Kenya and Ghana

Visit here for more info.

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This article was first published on 30th November 2016 and updated on January 30th, 2017 at 11:29 am


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