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If you intend to create your own company, it is necessary to create an identity for your company which will be referred to as your corporate identity. Most business owners believe that a corporate identity is simply having recognizable logo that only represents the quality & values of their business organization whereas a strong Corporate Identity helps every organization in conveying its personality and values.

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The Corporate Identity of a business is an important and powerful tool for your business to grow in this competitive market and drop a good and positive impact of your company on your customers’ mind. It helps in the recognition of the organization’s identity without your presence; it helps in describing your business services and your quality work as well. It may include your logo, brochure, website and the business cards and it is the key tool which represents a business in the market among various different competitors.

Basically, corporate identity is an expression and reflection of an organization’s culture, character, personality, its products and services. it is typically visualized by branding and with the use of trademarks but it can also include things like product design, advertising and public relations.

A corporate identity is obtained through 3 ways, and they are: corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behavior.

  • Corporate Design

Corporate design includes the brand assets that make your company unique and stand out from the competition. A brand’s company identity design is visually reflected in its logo, name, style guide, slogan, color palette, typography, uniforms, buildings, business cards and more. Maintaining the corporate identity can be managed by creating a brand guideline manual for employees to follow.

  • Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is how your business disseminates information to employees, investors, external stakeholders and customers. This includes public relations, internal communication, reputation management and other external communication efforts.

  • Corporate Behavior

Corporate behavior is the essence of a company and through it, a company should show its core values, brand promise, and philosophy. Many prominent brands achieve this through corporate social responsibility endeavors and corporate behavior is how you present your brand to the community at large, including customers, clients, employees and investors.

Roles of Corporate Identity

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A strong identity is important to shape people’s thoughts and opinions positively about the company, and here are some highlighted roles:

Helps to build confidence: A well planned corporate strategy helps the business to gain confidence because through its identification in public, credibility is generated both internally and externally.

Awareness: A corporate identity is not only limited to the company’s logo or business cards, but a consistent visual expression of your product creates awareness amongst your customer base, communicates the company’s promise to both internal and external audiences.

Elevates Market Presence: A strong corporate identity showcases the company to be more liable and trustworthy, which boosts its market presence.

Builds Reputation: A consistent corporate identity, along with good service increases the trust of the customers in the company, building its reputation over time.

Builds Customer Loyalty: Maintaining a consistent corporate identity that aligns with the company’s values and objectives helps the customers to develop loyalty towards the business and avoid misrepresentation with competitor brands.

It promotes competitiveness in the market for the product: A corporate identity gives a company a clear business profile and defines its standards of service and working practices. It embraces all kinds of company activities from the style and language used in customer communications right up to the leadership style and behavior of the management team. Also it can be further broken down into corporate design, corporate behavior and corporate communication.

A consistent deployment of corporate identity is not just limited to the representation of the company to the wider public which plays a role in marketing the company’s product, but also encompasses internal relationships within the company workforce.

The aim of a corporate identity is to make a company distinctive and better able to clearly differentiate itself from competitors. The concept of a corporate identity must be well planned and strategically implemented.

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This article was first published on 25th February 2022


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