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  It is not enough to write down a business plan/proposal or to start one: marketing is important because, it is the oxygen of every business or company, both small and large businesses. But, to some entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing sounds scary and challenging to them.
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This in part may be that they have not understood what marketing entails, or that they are yet to understand that a creative marketing strategy and effective brand campaign can get the most out of your budget without burning down their bank accounts. In this article, we have listed some low budget business marketing tips to help you market your business effectively. So, apart from having a memorable and catchy business name, logo, brand colour and legally registering your business name in the government according to the law guiding business operations in your country, other things to do for budget-conscious marketing are as follow.
  1. Create A Google Business Listing Account

This is also known as Google my Business account. Creating this free listing account is one of the effective ways to bring up your business on Google search maps. It is about optimizing your business profile, which is done by verifying the ownership of your business on your Google my Business account dashboard, once this is done, your business will start showing on Google maps or local results.
  1. Build A Website

Apart from having a Google my business account for your business, it is also important to build a business website for your brand. This website can become the control centre of your business. Google controls your Google my Business account, but you are in charge of your website through which you coordinate every other thing attached to your business online. This also makes your business unique.
  1. Start And Grow Your Email List

Setting up and growing your email list helps you keep in touch with your customers, send some vital information and newsletters to them at an interval. This can be done through the opt-in forms that are attached to your web page, which pops up once people are logged in on your web page in a few seconds.
  1. Leverage Social Media

Create social media handles and profiles, especially on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Go live on IG, use LinkedIn to connect to other similar businesses, use Pinterest to display infographics, message your WhatsApp through your Facebook page. Don’t forget the power of video content via YouTube, link everything to your website.
  1. Create Flyers, Billboards, Posters And Business Cards

Look for a good graphic designer and create some stylish flyers, billboards, posters and business cards. Share the flyers to commuter drivers to paste on their vehicles. Mount billboards in specific places in the cities. Share your business card with everyone you come across.
  1. Engage In Physical Networking

Don’t let your marketing campaign be a one street traffic, balance it with a physical, face-to-face marketing strategy, like attending industrial or business conferences, business summits and other industrial or business events. Have a T-shirt for your brand and put it on when attending these events. Fly your colour, always.
  1. Network With Non-Competitive Brands

Network and partner with other brands who are not in competition with your brand, tag them online and host submits or events with them.
  1. Build Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are the face of any brand, they promote the business both offline and online, they advertise and represent the brand in actions and words. You can also make some of your employees your brand ambassadors. Also, engage brand influencers in your marketing plan. Brand influencers are a group of persons that understand, innovate and implement a brand. They engage the brand’s audience – employees, stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers. Brand marketing is about making a creative and effective plan which should not break your bank account. And this article has presented to us some of the steps to take to achieve this great business fit. Featured Image Source: Vocal Media
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This article was first published on 24th January 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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