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  It is estimated that active social media users are up to 4.2 billion, which is twice the number they were about five years ago. And these users spend up to 2.5 hours on social media channels every day.
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This simply implies that with this estimated figure on social media, which also covers varied age-grades, one can help build awareness for a business brand, foster brand-customer relationships, generate leads and make more direct sales. If you have a small business that you wish to promote using social media platforms and channels, engage your audience/customers, generate more organic leads and make greater sales, these tips below, when carefully followed can get you started on the brighter side.
  1. Plan Your Move

An adequate action map is paramount to a successful business promotion both on social media and elsewhere. Understand your market plan, research competitors, discover a missing link; lacuna, locate your target audience and their age grades, understand trends in your business or market, structure a social media calendar that helps you to post the right content to the right audience, at the right time for the desired result, learn the best way to communicate to your audience. If you know what to say but, lack how to say it, you are still handicapped in business.
  1. Select The Appropriate Channel

There are numberless social media platforms and channels, both the popular and not so popular ones. Select the one that is most suitable for your business. In your action map planning, you should have discovered your market audience and the social media channels they use. Use the same social media platforms as your targeted audience. If they are in more than one, rate the percentage to know where you will pull more energy on. A successful social media business promotion can only be effective in the presence of your potential customers.
  1. Run Promotional Ads

A well-structured business or service promotional ad is effective as it attracts more customers who may not be aware of your existence. These ads when done properly go beyond your page region into other regions in fetching your target audience.
  1. Leverage Local Online News Channels And Blogs

Apart from running ads on your wall, group or page, you can also take advantage of local blogs and online news channels to promote your business. These online gossip platforms have numbers of followers and your potential customers could be there.
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  1. Use Online Influencers

You can also use online influencers like online comedians, online entertainers, etc., to promote your business on their pages. They can create special content for your business, mention or refer it to their audience.
  1. Employ A Social Media Manager

For you to dominate online and promote your business appropriately, you must always show up and be consistent. One reason is to create contents that help your audience, two, to provide answers on time and engage your audience appropriately, three, to build a brand/customer relationship. Since you may be busy with other things, it is wise and expedient to employ a seasoned social media manager who takes care of everything concerning your business online.
  1. Create Value

The only way to make your audience addicted to your business is by creating strong value that is useful to them. Don’t always sell, don’t always promote products. People hate being sold to. Sometimes, you can write informative or educative content. Organize online conferences or put up a challenge with a little reward attached to it. Look for a way to add value to your audience/customers.
  1. Stay Updated And Connected

Always be home with the current or latest findings in your business so you don’t go on feeding your audience with outdated things. Understand trends in your business specialization, don’t be left out. Stay connected with your audience and respond to them as quick as possible. In a nutshell, social media channels and platforms are no longer a place to chat and catch cruise only, they have become a powerful promotional tool and a marketplace for many businesses, and they can also work for you should effectively engage these few tips in your business. Featured Image Source: X-cart
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This article was first published on 21st January 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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