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So this is a follow up of our day at the Filmhouse Imax cinema where we saw Lost in London by Uduak Isong Oguamanam. To read about our take on the movie, please click here. Here, we discuss our experience at the Imax restaurant. That evening, I was hungry and could eat a wolf, but we were at Imax where you guard your wallet like a priced possession so we considered waiting till we got home to eat. Since we had enough time before the movie, we decided to go upstairs to the restaurant and look around.  We sat down and a waitress who assumed we were there to eat, came over with the menu. Before Kay could explain that we were only there to enjoy the view, the menu was already open in my hand and I was scanning through. Kay was squirming in his chair afraid for his wallet, but he relaxed when he saw that their sharwarma was affordable. I wanted the mixed sharwarma but they didn’t have beef. My patience for the Imax staff was wearing very thin at this point what with the treatment we got from the movie ticket people downstairs (Read our account of that experience here) and now no beef? But as Kay would always tell me, don’t get angry at the staff but at the Employer who didn’t ensure the required services were provided. So I returned the waitresses’ smile and ordered for chicken sharwarma with extra hot dog. Maybe it’s because I was hungry, but it felt like the Sharwarma was taking forever to come. In the meantime, I enjoyed the view from the rooftop. I even jobless-ly took some shots:
Imax Restaurant -
Rooftop View
Imax Restaurant -
Another Rooftop View
After 15 minutes, I was getting restless; that cane chair was digging into my behind and my stomach juices were attacking my intestine. The waitress must have noticed that I was about to explode because she came over and said, ‘it’ll be ready in 3 minutes.’ ‘yeah, yeah. But please tell your bosses to get rid of this darn hard chair,’ I would have loved to respond, but didn’t. I knew she wouldn’t tell her bosses anyway. Imax Restaurant - Well, the sharwarma finally arrived. Unlike the wrap from Charcoal (Palms), I like that this one was wrapped with a foil paper. I wasn’t entirely pleased though, the wrap was cold. I don’t like cold food. At. All. Anyway I was hungry, so I delved in. Kay on the other hand was disappointed that his Turkey wrap was so small. I wanted to laugh at him. I had asked him to stick with what we knew. Which one is Turkey Sharwarma again?
Imax Restaurant -
The Wraps
Please ignore Jay. The turkey wrap was not bad. The sausage was well salted and large, I’m glad they didn’t hear Jay when she asked for an extra sausage.  The wrap had green peppers and onions which I liked very much. The spicing was not heavy, but the chef was stingy with the sauce which made it a tad dry. It could have made my top five list if it was moister.
Imax Restaurant -
The ‘single’ Sausage
It didn’t look very big when it arrived, but it ended up being quite filling. On the whole I enjoyed it, considering that my plan to see a movie that evening did not include spending money at a restaurant. In fact, when Jay said ‘I’m hungry, let’s see what they have upstairs’ I wasn’t taking the stairs two at a time, but it ended up not being a bad experience. Well, speak for yourself Kay. I wasn’t so pleased. 1. They didn’t put my extra sausage. 2. The Sharwarma was not moisty at all. 3. It was not as hot as I expected when I said ‘make it extra spicy.’ To be fair though, the fillings were really tasty and the sausage was large. But it could have been better. So, if you have a date, and you’re the one paying, it may not be a bad idea to take them to IMAX restaurant. Word of advice if you have limited finances, just make sure to cover up the other ‘expensive’ things on the menu and convince your partner that the wrap is what they want. Cost (Naira) Chicken Sharwarma: 1000 Turkey Wrap: 1000 Total: 2000

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This article was first published on 28th June 2017


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