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Balogun market on the Lagos Island is a complete mad arena, you go there at your own risk! Jay and I had to brave it, because we needed to get some things and it was the best place to get them. So after hours of being thoroughly abused both physically and psychologically by the hustling sales people who feel they can’t get your attention without dragging or shaking your arm and shouting “shairman” into your ears, we were completely spent, hungry and in need of refreshment. We walked from Balogun and ended up at Marina, standing like lost JJCs, staring at an Ondo filling station, when we saw the bold sign ‘Chicken Republic.’ I wanted to breakout in songs, but Jay beat me to it, “Hallelujah…!” She cried. We dragged our weary bodies through the heavy glass doors into the mouthwatering embrace of food smells. The chubby waitress seemed a bit confused about what they had on the menu (why are they always confused?), but after a few gentle directions, she finally got our orders. Burger and chips for me, and Chicken and Chips for Jay. While waiting for our orders, we began to talk excitedly about our buys…, then our work…, then the economy…, people on the street…, the moon… and that’s when I got upset, “How long does it take to fry chips?” I ask. So I match over to the counter and was met by another waiter who had no idea I placed an order. She stepped away for a minute to ask the kitchen staff and came back with a dreadful answer “Sorry sir, they don’t have your order, please would you order again?” Jay’s hand on my shoulder gently pressing it to calm me down is the only reason that building is still standing today. We gave the orders all over again and stood there while they made it. Just as the food arrives, guess who shows up? The first waiter with a handful of chips which she was popping into her mouth.  The rage…. By now I’m sure you already know that Kay didn’t enjoy that meal. Even though he was tired and hungry, he would rather lament over the incompetence of service people in Nigeria, than savor the darn burger. As for me I enjoyed my chicken and chips. Well, the chicken actually. The chips, not so much. It wasn’t dry and crispy and I could still see brown spots like backs of the potato! The chicken was nice though, not too dry and well spiced. Maybe because I poured the chili sauce that came in the tray over the chicken. In all, the food was just there. It was good enough to quench my hunger but would not be good enough to satisfy a craving for chicken and chips. Nah! Well, although I lamented all through the meal like Jay said, I have to admit, the burger was not so bad. It was moist and the chicken filling was tasty. The tomatoes were fresh and there was lots of cream and vegetables. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more had I not been so mad.   Cost (Naira) 1 Citizen Meal (Chicken and Chips) = 1,182 1 Burger Meal (Burger and Chips) = 1,500 Total = 2,682

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This article was first published on 8th August 2017


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