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With the influx of the Indian community in Nigeria, it is therefore not shocking to see the rise of Indian restaurants. Indian food is becoming quite trendy because of its perfect blend of Indian spices. It is preposterous to deliberate on the deliciousness of Indian food. If there is nothing to take from all the hours of watching Indian movies, then, accept Lagosian’s amazing ability to adapt or blend easily with other cultures. No wonder, Lagos is Africa’s New York. Here are a few of the uprising Indian restaurants in Lagos: 1. Sherlaton Indian Restaurants at Cuberland Hotel: They serve one of the most delectable Indian dishes in Lagos, plus they have exceptional food services on any given day. While the ambience is not so spectacular, the food is absolutely fantastic. 2. Spice Route Restaurants: Don’t worry you are still in Lagos. Trust me, I know. The indian/Asian décor along with the terracotta warriors and Budha in the middle of the restaurant may convince you otherwise. The Indian selection of cuisines are impressive. It is located at Adeola Odeku, Eti Osa, Victoria Island. 3. Harzoyka Indian Restaurants: Situated in Ikeja, it is one of the top restaurants in Lagos. The service is amazing with an extensive menu. You are likely to get your money value and your stomach shall pray for you. With an authentic Indian cuisine and not the watered type I must taste like indian food served in most places. 4. Indigo Indian Restaurants: If you are a vegetarian, this place is for you. The price is affordable, the food is delightful and the service is incomparable.  They offer flavor filled and authentic dishes. 5. Viceroy Restaurants: An Indian restaurants that carefully plans and creates magic. Their selection is broad and wide with varieties of indigenous Indian dishes. It is set at Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island. They have an amazing swift service. 6. Flamingo Restuarants: Beatiful name for a beautiful scenery. You can get both your food there and ingredients to replicate the amazing taste at home as it offers both a restaurant and a grocery store. 7. Fusion Restaurants: My love for Aamir Khan influenced my decision to have a sushi taste. Hence my discovery of this exotic restaurant. They are said to offer the best sushi meal in lagos, alongside this popularity is heavenly Indian dishes. The meals are presented traditionally. 8. Bombay Palace Restaurants: This does not cause any drain in your pocket as their meals are affordable. Located at the top of Federal Palace hotel, feel free to order anything you want you will not be disappointed at all. 9. Karma Restaurants: The best place to visit. It stands out as it allows you to mix with other Indian food lovers and Indians themselves. They offer a vast selection of Indian cuisine plus a good offer for your money. 10 Kasa Indiana Restaurant: They have a signature taste that leaves you begging to know the secret ingredient. Kasa Indiana is just perfect for the adventurous.

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This article was first published on 4th August 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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