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  The secret to the many productive workspaces lies in some strategic outputs. Working a 9 to 5 job can be mentally sapping. Little wonder, experts have posited that startup founders and business owners can design their workspaces in such a way that inspires creativity and productivity.
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The truth is this: workspace design can either inspire or frustrate your workforce. This is why putting up a workspace that inspires creativity and enhances productivity is very important. Leading companies like Google spend a great deal of money designing their workspace. Designing a productive workspace doesn’t have to be expensive. In this article, I will show you how to build a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity. 
  • Artworks Inspires, Use Them

Visiting a Google office anywhere in the world may look like a big playground for adults. Even companies like Facebook are big on artworks in spaces. Little wonder, a study by Exeter University state that workspaces that lack artworks cause low productivity compared to those with enough artworks. When an office looks blank with zero aesthetics, it can be mentally sapping, boring, and cold. This is why leading companies invest in murals, graffiti, and wall portraits, which livens the workspace and boost creativity and productivity among employers and employees alike. 
  • Use The Right Paintings

Colour of paints plays a big role in our psychology. Studies have shown that office painting can either inspire or sap human energy. Imagine coming into an office where everywhere is painted red.
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Working in an unpainted building can weaken the mind and body. Colours bring life to everything. Office experts believe that office colours affect moods, creativity, and productivity. This is why you should adopt the following expert-advised colours for your office. They include: 
  • Red: This colour symbolizes strength, courage, and excitement, and represents life. You can use this as a minor colour;
  • Green: This symbolizes nature, harmony, and productivity. It also represents harmony. This colour can be a major colour in the office;
  • Purple/Pink: This colour symbolizes homeliness, luxury, rest, and spirituality. However, too much of it in the workspace is not encouraged.
  • Orange: This symbolizes creativity and comeliness. Orange is a blend of yellow and red, which is very good for waiting rooms, kitchen, and lounge; 
  •  Blue: This symbolizes intellect, calmness, peace, trust, logic, and communication. It can serve as a major colour in the workspace;
  •  Yellow: This colour symbolizes confidence, vitality, friendliness, and creativity. This colour inspires positivity. 
  • Recreational Room Is Vital

Having a recreational room in the workspace is very vital to the productivity and creativity of your workforce. Medically and biologically, the body is not designed to work for too long. This is why having a recreational room where employers and employees can relax and cool off is ideal. A standard recreational room should have some game facilities such as table tennis, snooker, and even play-stations. Also, having a library and a viewing centre is encouraged. There should be a standard rule for break time. 
  • Invest In Comfortable Furniture

In the quest for creating a productive and creative workspace, you must invest in comfortable furniture. Experts have stated that poor furnishings are one of the reasons why workers suffer low productivity in the workspaces.
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To create a very productive and creative workspace, it is advised to invest in good furniture. For instance, working in a wooden plain chair and desk can be very tiring and uncomfortable. Experts have advised that workspaces should invest in stretchable puffy chairs, which are very comfy.  
  • Invest In Sufficient Natural Lighting

A good workspace should invest in sufficient natural lightning. Rather than investing in artificial fluorescent lighting, which can be suppressed, it is healthier to invest in natural lighting. According to a study by Cornell University, people who worked in offices that had glasses that transmitted natural light worked more productively than workers whose offices were either poorly lit or overly lit with fluorescent lights. Therefore, having a glass office where natural lights transmit through from outside is ideal to build a creative and productive workspace. In a place where natural light cannot transmit, workers are encouraged to step out of the workspace to receive natural light.
  • Create A Temperate Climate

Workspaces that cause unproductivity and poor creativity are also caused by poor temperature. When a workspace is stuffy, heated up, and above room temperature, it can lead to poor productivity among workers. Therefore installing air-conditioners that can be regulated at cool and not chilled temperatures is very ideal for building a productive and creative workspace. Featured Image Source: GTBlog
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This article was first published on 18th July 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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