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Work trips are already stressful in themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for a corporate event or a business meeting, a conference, or a trade fair. That’s why we are bringing you tips from frequent business travelers to make that work trip less stressful.

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Know Your Company’s Travel Policy

Most companies will list the specific services they will cover. The list can include hotels they have partnered with, services you can get a refund on if you spend your personal cash on, who needs to approve your travel budget etc. This way, you can avoid assuming and plan to cover any extra expense on your own.

Keep Your Gadgets Charged

There is always a lot of waiting time associated with traveling. So keep your devices charged, so you can always connect with others and make use of the internet when you need it. If you are uncertain where the charging ports will be and how to access them, carry a charged power bank. Keeping your devices charged is great for long trips. That way, you are not in isolation upon arrival at your destination.

Prepare for Flight Challenges

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If you are unsure what seat to book, use Google. Search for websites on the advantages of the different seats in the particular aircraft you are flying in. this will ensure you choose the right plane seat for your need. Also, use the airport lounge. It is usually accessible by those on business and first-class flights. It has a more comfortable seating area for those waiting after check-in. if it is not part of your ticket package, you can pay for the access. It will be a suitable environment to get some work done. You can eat, take a shower or have a massage to keep you refreshed and ready for any work meeting coming up after you arrive at your destination.

Plan Your Trip Duration

If you are not traveling for leisure, then avoid layovers as much as possible. Book direct flights. If you must have a layover (probably because of late booking), then use the layover time to catch up on work emails or stretch your limbs and neck. The drivers may also force you to take a break during the trip if you are traveling by road in a public vehicle. Treat it as you would your layover time on flights. You can also use that time to communicate with loved ones and catch up on any changes or important updates as regards the business trip.

Take care of your body

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Don’t give up on your routines just because you are off on a business trip. To fight jet lag, exercise in the morning or mid-afternoon. Also, skip the alcohol offered and stick to drinking water. Cabin pressure and dry air in the plane can make you feel dehydrated after a flight. Water helps you stay hydrated; it also keeps you refreshed and free of jet lag upon arrival. Find every opportunity to walk. In the airplane, walk along the aisle to the restroom. When you arrive at your hotel accommodation, take walks to your business venue if it is within walkable distance.

Is there a business travel tip you know of that we have not mentioned in this or previous articles for business travelers? Kindly share it with us.


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This article was first published on 13th May 2022


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