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  Business travel involves travelling for work or business purposes. It often deals with spending most of your travel time engaged in work-related matters. This doesn’t mean you won’t have time for some leisure activities, it just means leisure is least on your travel agenda. We travel a lot for business reasons and over the years we have talked about different aspects of travelling for business. Such as planning your business travel itinerary, getting a visa approval letter as a business traveller and even security tips for business travellers. Here are a few more business travel tips we believe you need to know:
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  • Dress The Part

Sure it is tempting to wear casuals to travel even after booking a business class flight. But to avoid any misunderstanding at the airport, we recommend you dress corporate. Looking like a businessperson with a business class ticket and an assigned seat makes it easier for the airline to give you an upgrade if necessary. The impact of this extends even beyond the airport to even arriving at your hotel.
  • Book Your Flight In Incognito Mode

Sometimes, we forget to clear our browser cookies. This makes it easy for the sites you visit to be tracked and the price increased when you research the same info more than once. If you want to book your business flight, use a new incognito window on your system’s browser. This way, you don’t end up with a hiked up price.
  • Pack Right

If packing a suit, sweater and formal shoes take up a lot of packing space, wear them on yourself. This way you have more space to pack lighter outfits like shirts or outfits for each day you will spend there. Also, avoid packing designer or expensive clothes that draw attention. The world doesn’t have to know how much you put into looking appropriately dressed for your business meeting. Showing off just attracts the wrong attention. As for not forgetting essential travel items, it is good to have a pre-packed travel bag after your business trip. This way, you pack less for your next business trip.
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  • Be Time Conscious

As a business traveller, being punctual and prepared helps to make a good first impression. When you embark on a business trip, you need to make time conscious decisions. For instance, to ensure you don’t arrive late or keep your potential clients waiting, book direct flights to your destination. Choose one that allows you to arrive in time to rest and freshen up properly before your big meeting or conference. Also, being time conscious will make it easy to book your accommodation close to where your official affairs will be conducted. This will help with cutting down the time spent on intercity transportation at your destination.
  • Be Security Conscious

Don’t be so eager to use unsecured Wi-Fi networks for your business dealings. Get your own MiFi or portable Wi-Fi modem, your own charger, USB Data blocker and secured VPN to protect hackers from stealing your personal information. Also, don’t post your boarding pass on social media so hackers don’t use the QR code to access your personal information from it. Thanks to the likes of yahoo boys and Hushpuppi, we are no longer under the illusion that our Naija boys know how to do cyber-crime. Last but not least, have your account officer’s details on standby to contact him/her to shut down your account in the event your cards or details get stolen by a third party. As a businessperson, being security conscious is for your own benefit. Are you a business traveller? What is your go-to tip when you embark on those business trips?
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This article was first published on 17th August 2021


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