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Feeling bad about your car? Every motorist is somewhat edgy about maneuvering through daily commutes. And even though one might not use cars as frequent as on a daily basis, with time the exterior gets less flashy and internal faults become inevitable. But before you cut a big hole in your pocket for a new vehicle, here are some tips to get your car in new shape, and make your driving safe and fun.

  1. Wash thoroughly This is nothing like the quick, regular cleaning that you do on your car every day. From carpet and upholstery to tyres and boots, do some hardcore scrubbing on every part within your reach. Remove the seat cushions to remove trapped dirt and food particles, take out the car seats and vacuum the space beneath, clean off the grime from the engine bay and dig out the trash in the boot. Then wax the car to a perfect shine. If you cannot handle this, then get a pro involved because it not only leaves your car looking new, it uncovers the chances of hidden problems that might arise from neglect.
  1. Re-paint A flashy, clean, well-sprayed exterior is the signature of a new For a reasonable charge, take your car to the maintenance center and ask for a full-body paint. You can use the same colour, or spend a little extra for a new colour.
  1. Install new electronics It could be trading an old radio head unit for one that integrates with an iPod or satellite radio and includes a Bluetooth connection for a cell phone. Whatever the case may be, incorporate new trends and electronic accessories to bring your car into the present. These accessories are quite affordable and easy to install.
  1. Upgrade mechanical parts Worn out shocks, springs, dampers, struts, brakes, discs and pads degrades the performance of your car. Also, the wheels, tyres, and rims at the base of your car helps your car maneuver faster. You would notice there is a big difference when you upgrade these parts.
  1. Deodorize The ambience of your car plays a big role in giving your car that new feel. Clean out the vents and cabin air filter system in your car, drain the tubes, get them unclogged, cleaned, and deodorized. This eliminates the mold and ensures a pleasant smell is emitted in its place.

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This article was first published on 23rd April 2016


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