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As ladies, there is one thing we run to when we can’t handle the stress of staying in one position to change our hairdo. Wigs! And as easy as it might seem to cover your hair in another look, it might prove a hard task to maintain that covering. To ensure the safe condition of your wig, here are four basic tips to help in protecting its nature and increasing its longevity.

1. Comb Gently

Our wigs are also prone to breakage when we comb them harshly. Although, it seems the easiest and fastest thing to do, especially when you’re in haste. To properly detangle a wig, hold it by the patch where it has been parted, then gently comb it with a wide tooth comb. Remember, not all wigs need combing, but the ones which do should be done properly.

2. Keep It Safe

Your wigs should be kept safe and free from dirt when it’s not in usage. This applies to whether you’re hanging it on the wall or placing in it in a case. Also, it should be kept in an airy space in order to avoid the effects of heat and moisture on its texture.

3. Apply a Deep Conditioner

A conditioner is one sure way to keep a wig shiny. Gently apply it to the wig and wash it every now and then. This helps to maintain its texture.

4. Wash with Care

To wash a wig properly immerse it in lukewarm water and add a minimal amount of shampoo in it, then gently shake it while it’s still in the water. Do this a few more times and thereafter, rinse in cold water until the water comes out clean from the wig. Pat gently with a towel and allow to dry.

Note: Don’t scrub a wig or make use of harsh chemicals in the process of washing it. This can damage the wig, and in some cases, beyond repair.

We know how much of a lifesaver wigs can be. Imagine spending so much to buy one only to abandon it in a short while due to improper care. Let’s give it the care it deserves.

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This article was first published on 20th March 2019


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