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  Hair is an essential part of fashion. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a classy silhouette dress, if your hair is in a mess, it will make your appearance look very tacky.
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When it comes to hair, women are on top of the chart as they have almost no limit to how they want their hair styled ranging from colour, length, volume, etc. Hair extension is not the same as one’s natural hair, it is artificial hair. Hair extensions are used to compliment a woman’s natural hair. When it comes to using hair extensions, weavons, attachments, etc, it is mostly worn by older females. They are the target market. Hair extension brands launch new hair products now and then and we love it. Now, women have a wide range and variety of hair extensions to choose from when they want their hair styled. Out of the ocean of hair brands in Nigeria, only three will be discussed. These brands have succeeded in outdoing themselves by giving us great hair extensions in terms of quality, affordability, and comfort.

Lush Hair Nigeria 

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Lush hair did not originally start in Nigeria. They are an online-based, international hair extension brand. Their products can be found in countries all over the world. However, lush hair Nigeria was created for Nigerian women. 
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Lush hair can be found around you, their products are everywhere, and very easy to buy. You can also order lush hair extensions from Jumia, Konga, and other online stores in Nigeria.  Some of their products are:
  • Lush Rohi Curls Colour 1
  • Lush Seren Loc Colour 1
  • JUMBO BRAIDS Colour 950
  • Lush Nora Curls Colour 900
  • Lush Nora Curls Colour 33
  • Lush Nora Curls Colour 2
  • Lush Nora Curls Colour 1
  • Lush Nora Curls Colour 900
  • JUMBO BRAIDS Colour 950
  • Lush Vegas Braids Colour 33, and others.

Darling Nigeria

Darling hair pays attention to all hair types: long, short, afro, and bald hair. Darling hair represents strength, confidence, beauty, and independence Darling hair has done very well for themselves as they are very sensitive about their target market.  Darling hair can be bought from either online or offline stores. You can also book an appointment on their website to be styled by their hairdressers. Some of their products include: 
  • Abuja Braids 
  • Afro Kinky
  • Afro Pony
  • Afro Puff Pony
  • Attraction
  • Beach Wave
  • Bohemian Curls
  • Bohemian Passion Twist
  • Braided Bob Super Long
  • Brazilian Pony, etc.


X-pression is one of the oldest hair brands in Nigeria. Their hair products are suitable for everyone. Before the advent of the numerous hair brands we have in Nigeria, X-pression had no competition. They ruled the hair extension market.
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The hair extension products produced by X-pression are divided into three major categories: classic braids, crotchet braids and weave on. Under these broad categories are a wide range of hair extension products. Some of the products are: 
  • X Pression Syn Ultra Braid
  • X Pression Syn 2X Pre Stretched Ultra Braid
  • X Pression Syn Ultra Braid Pre Stretched
  • X Pression Syn 2X Pre Stretched Ruwa Braid and many others.
Though only three hair brands are discussed in this article, there are many others. As a fashion entrepreneur, you can make money by being a retailer for any of the fashion brands or the fashion brands combined.  References X-pression  DARLING  Lush Hair One Kiosk Africa Konga Instagram Featured Image source: Nairaland Forum
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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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  • X-hair pression’s extension products may be broadly classified as either “traditional braids,” “crochet braids,” or “weave on phrazle.” A vast variety of hair extension options fall under these umbrella terms. A selection of the goods.

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