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  Life has been made easier for females in Nigeria who love braided hair. You no longer have to sit for hours because you want to braid your hair. There are now braided wigs that you just buy, wear and look good.
Komback - Frontal Braided Wigs For Sale In Lagos

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Braided wigs come in different styles such as braids, cornrows, locks and most of them come with a lace front for a natural hairline. A good braided wig can last up to two years if it is well taken care of. That is a lot of money for you to save. The initial investment of saving up to buy the wig can be a bit pricey and sometimes discouraging, but considering the light at the end of the tunnel, the advantages and how long it is going to last are definitely worth it. 

All Back Braided Wig

Stitch braids wig, Conrow braids, Feed in braids, All back conrow brai – Afrothrone
You can buy already braided wigs from a hair salon, stores or online shopping websites. You can also ask your hairstylist to make a custom braided wig for you.  Braided wigs, when made by a professional, are very realistic. The wig cap is bleached to suit your hair colour, therefore, blending into your hair that one cannot tell that you are wearing a wig.
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Fulani Knotless Jumbo Braids

Jumbo knotless box Braid Wig black woman full lace front closure human - Afrikrea
The style of the wig is completely up to you, you can go for any style you want. The wig usually has a frontal to make the style look more realistic. The excess frontal can be cut and styled to suit your preference and your edges can be neatly laid. A braided wig saves time, it also serves as a protective style for your natural hair. It is not painful to wear and it lasts longer than natural hairstyles.

Butterfly Locs Braided Wig

Covert this to wig, butterfly locs, braided wig by uniquemkay - Wigs - Afrikrea
However, most people do not care for their braided wigs, and this leads to damage. Your braids will frizzy, the ends will be scattered and the worst of it, your braid wig will stink and probably chase everyone away, and make your hair very unhealthy. A braided wig can be maintained by washing it in lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Never wash wigs in steaming hot water as this can cause the braids to look chapped, and because braided wigs are synthetic, washing them with hot water will damage the fibres, and your braids will fall out. Always moisturize, after washing your wig always ensure that you use a styling moose and hair spray on it, to enable it to look supple and shiny. Avoid using any form of heated equipment at close range on your wigs. This includes hair dryers. Don’t forget that your wig is made of synthetic, heat can make it melt.

Distressed Braided Wig

tale distressed braid with full lace by ileoge - Wigs - Afrikrea
Do not sleep in your braided wigs because this can cause the tips to tangle, and if the braid is glued to your hair you can wear a silk scarf when sleeping or use a hair bonnet. Always hang your braided wigs when not in use. Don’t fold it and put it into a nylon bag or just anywhere. Keep your braid in an airy place, air is important for your braided wigs.  Take care of your natural hair underneath. Do not leave it dirty since it won’t be seen. Remember to loosen the weaves, wash and remake every now and then. Do not allow your wigs to become damp frequently, as this will cause them to become a bacteria breeding ground. You should consider adding braided wigs to your next shopping list.  Which do you prefer, traditional braiding or braided wigs? Source: Gift collins Featured Image Source: Neat And Sleek
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This article was first published on 18th February 2022


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