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At the beginning of this year, I braided my hair. About seven people were plaiting the hair at the same time. Pulls from every angle, I was in severe pain as my back, head, neck, and entire body were aching. After hours of sitting, I could barely sleep at night. I kept tossing to and fro on the bed for a few days before I could slay my braids.
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I know this story is not peculiar to me, it happens to nearly all Nigerian females who braid their hair. High five if you relate. There is good news for you. Imagine the relief of knowing that there are braided wigs, the one that takes little time to wear. That is refreshing to hear but one major disadvantage is that braided wigs usually come with a heavy price tag. That is why this article is a must-read as I have decided to write on how you make a braided wig for you to save your money. The methods that will be explained are easy to grasp, but you might find it a bit difficult if you don’t know how to braid at all.  Materials needed to learn how to make braided wigs.
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  1. Hair extensions/attachments: There are many stores and shops where hair extensions are sold in Nigeria. It is popularly called attachment. Common attachments are Darling, Xpression, Rich Braid and Superstar, etc. Some hair extensions are already pre-plucked, so it makes your work easier. You can buy any hair extension of your choice.
  2. Wig cap: Wig cap comes in different varieties. There are the normal wig caps, dome caps net caps, adjustable strap wig caps, etc. I’ll suggest you use an adjustable wig cape and have holes.
  3. Latch hook: It is popularly known as a crotchet pin in Nigeria. It is needed to pass the hair extension through the holes of the wig cap.
  4. A Mannequin or round container: A mannequin head is necessary for placement when making a braided wig, if you don’t have a mannequin head, you can use a round container.
  5. Scissors: For cutting and trimming the hair extensions.
  6. Hair cream or leave-in conditioner: For good fragrance and to make the hair sleek.
How to make a braided wig
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  1. Make sure your attachment or hair extension is ready for use. If it is not plucked already, pluck it and comb it neatly until it no longer tangles. Then add a reasonable amount of hair cream to it.
  2. Section the attachment and put them on a rope or string. You can use your desired section depending on the size you want for your braid.
  3. With your latch hook or crochet, the pin passes the attachment through the wig cap. Make sure your close the latch to secure the hair when passing it.
  4. Tie the attachment to secure it and start braiding. Repeat the process until the whole wig cap is braided.
  5. Trim the excess hair on the attachment neatly to have a beautifully braided wig. You can use a candle to make the trimming process faster but be careful.
  6. Deep the hair in steaming hot water and leave it to dry. 
  7. Cut off the excess strand of hair, and apply a leave-in conditioner or hair cream.
Finally, you can wear your braided wig whenever you want.  References Featured Image source: Tendances People Mag
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This article was first published on 30th April 2022


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