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A balanced diet that contains all the right nutrients and vitamins is important for the wellbeing of every child. With a fresh year beginning and children heading back to school, is jazzing things up by offering parents a chance to win something for their children, while also having fun. Supplementing your child’s diet with vitamins is an insurance for many parents; unsurprisingly so. For instance, Vitamin A helps children to see in dim light, as well as keeping their skin healthy; Vitamin C helps them to absorb iron from the food they eat and iron is essential for healthy blood; Vitamin D is important for good bone health. These are benefits every parent wants for their child. Now imagine winning a year’s worth of vitamins for your child! If you’re a parent, you stand a chance to win an amazing line of vitamins for your little ones in’s BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN! TO WIN, SIMPLY:
  1.  Follow on Instagram
  2. Make a video of your child answering the following question: “What is a balanced diet and what does it contain?”
  3.  Post on your Instagram page and tag @my_medicines
  4.  Use the hashtag #backtoschoolcampaign
The top 3 videos with the most likes win!, powered by Advantage Health Africa, is a fully dedicated online medicine ordering platform, where you can sign on and make purchases of a wide range of medicines.The website also provides access to health-related devices, and special foods (such as those for special needs). guarantees that genuine medicines from across a large network of independent retail pharmacies across Nigeria are available to the consumers of these medicines in a convenient and safe way, thereby bridging a supply chain gap in the retail pharmacy space. “Not sure there is any other way to express gratitude than to acknowledge clients,” Advantage Health Africa CEO Abimbola Adebakin says. “We thought their treasures, being children, need to be celebrated. Hence, we decided the first month of the year, we should do this.” I know you’re off to make your child’s video, and upload on Instagram following the instructions shared. Remember to share your joy with us when your child wins!  

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This article was first published on 19th January 2018


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