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Do ladies ever feel like going on a break from high heeled shoes? This is no uncommon craving, and some never forget to go with a pair of flats tucked neatly in their bags. For those not graced with the advantage of having a car to take them from home to church, office or special occasions, it is customary to change a few steps before the gate. They are strong and brave indeed, those who can hop from their homes to the bus stop, to another bus stop and then hop again all day in heels.  There are different shoes for different occasions, for parties, work, sports and leisure, except for those who are yet to learn from experience.

So heels or no heels? “Heels baby, heels!” Steve Harvey’s approval simply confirms ours. Heels add the elegance to our steps and stature. However, they were not made with our terrain and transport system in mind. It looks hilarious watching a lady on heels trying to keep up with her husband’s pace. The bad roads steal the whole elegance away.

Office ethics require cover shoes and at least little heels for ladies. Trendy high heels which can be worn in the corporate world include scarpins, stilettos, pumps and platforms. Kitten heels are perfect for those who have a phobia for high heels. And speaking of ethics, whatever reveals the toes however high or low is not suitable.

Wedges, sandals and peep toes go well with traditional attire, which does not exclude the cover shoes in any way. In fact, apart from sports and gardening, I am yet to find the outdoor attire that doesn’t go with heels. Mules are great for classy occasions other than corporate and dinners, but clogs should remain strictly casual. I don’t see what else clogs would fit other than jeans.

I used to think moccasins, whose style is flat and sporty with edges sewn round so one could see the stitches and gathers, only went with casual trousers till I tried it on a skirt. It looked okay with me so I didn’t bother for anyone’s approval. The loafers are giving way to flats with pointy, almond and round toebox styles. When in public, flat shoes can be worn in place of heels for corporate wears, and flat sandals with traditional wear.

For long walks, I find sporty footwear like the tennis shoes and slip ons comfortable because they reduce the tension around the feet. Crocs are growing popular for ladies these days; they comfortable to work in and walk around the home.

Sometimes, we love to wear nothing other than flip-flops and I don’t mean just for casual. The only thing wrong with this is the way the society sees it.

Men do not seem to have a problem with shoes. We haven’t yet caught them with another pair in their bags. I wonder if ladies ever feel like being in men’s shoes.

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This article was first published on 29th December 2015 and updated on September 9th, 2016 at 3:36 pm


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