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  Nigerian fashion has a dynamic and influential presence on the global stage, with several iconic designers and stylists making significant waves across social media platforms, especially Instagram. Here are eight Nigerian fashion icons you should consider following to get inspired by the vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and innovative designs characteristic of Nigerian fashion.
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8 Nigerian Fashion Icons to Follow on Social Media

  1. Lisa Folawiyo (@lisafolawiyo)
Her Network
Lisa Folawiyo is a self-taught designer who has mastered the art of wearing Ankara (a traditional West African fabric) with her bespoke tailoring. She has transformed the fabric into stunning, modern pieces that have gained international acclaim. Her label, Lisa Folawiyo Studio, blends traditional West African fabrics with modern tailoring techniques, and her Instagram page is a testament to her unique style and success.
  1. Duro Olowu (@duroolowu)
The New York Times
Duro Olowu is renowned for his eclectic mix of African prints, seventies tailoring, and bold patterns. His designs have caught the eye of famous personalities around the world, including Michelle Obama. Olowu’s Instagram feed is a colourful display of his work, featuring everything from street style to high fashion, all influenced by his Nigerian roots.
  1. Amaka Osakwe (@maki.oh)
Amaka Osakwe’s brand, Maki Oh, has a loyal following due to her dedication to artisanal techniques and her use of sustainable materials. Her designs often incorporate traditional African motifs with contemporary aesthetics. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna have been spotted in her creations. Her Instagram showcases her latest designs and the stories behind them.
  1. Folake Coker (@tiffanyamberng)
Entrepreneurs NG
Folake Coker, the creative director of Tiffany Amber, is credited with revolutionizing the Nigerian fashion scene. Her brand is known for luxurious designs that seamlessly blend African influences with global fashion trends. Her Instagram page offers a glimpse into her glamorous collections and her role as a pioneer in the African fashion industry.
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  1. Adebayo Oke-Lawal (@theorangenerd)
TOPIA Magazine
Adebayo Oke-Lawal is the creative force behind Orange Culture, a clothing line that merges Nigerian silhouettes with contemporary street style. His brand challenges traditional norms about masculinity and fashion. His Instagram feed reflects his commitment to storytelling through fashion, featuring bold, expressive pieces that advocate for social issues.
  1. Zizi Cardow (@zizicardow)
The Guardian NG
Zizi Cardow has been a champion of African fashion since launching her label in 2000. She has helped popularize Ankara through her modern designs and has showcased her work on global platforms. Her Instagram is filled with vibrant patterns and designs that celebrate African heritage.
  1. Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (@nhn_couture)
The Will Downtown
Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, founder of NHN Couture, is known for her commitment to modesty in fashion. She specializes in elegant designs that cover yet accentuate the female form, using rich fabrics and vibrant prints. Her Instagram page is a beautiful reflection of her brand ethos, emphasizing fashion that respects personal beliefs.
  1. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (@lanredasilvaajayi)
Modern Ghana
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi is another powerhouse in the Nigerian fashion industry. Her designs blend Victorian and traditional African influences. Her pieces often feature in international fashion publications, and her Instagram showcases her latest creations, giving followers a front-row seat to her opulent, detailed pieces.
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In Essence

These fashion icons not only represent the best of Nigerian fashion but also influence trends worldwide. Their Instagram pages are not just about clothing; they are about making statements, preserving culture, and transforming the fabric of fashion one post at a time. Featured Image Source: African Vibes
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This article was first published on 7th May 2024

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