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The Screenshot option is an innovative feature that is as old as smartphones. The option allows users save and send a quick image of their current screen on their smartphone. But did you also know that you can screenshot on your Windows 10 laptop. Here are 5 tips on how to screenshot on Windows 10 OS laptop 1. Use Windows Key + PrntScrn If you want to take the screenshot of your entire PC screen, tap on the Windows Key + PrntScrn on your keyboard. This action automatically saves the screenshot in a folder on your PC. To locate the saved snapshot; Go to Pictures>Screenshots Folder. 2. Use Windows Key + H Do you want to capture your PC screen for the purpose of sharing it instantly? Then you can use the Windows Key + H on your keyboard. This option will take a shot of your entire screen while it loads sharing platforms on your PC screen. 3. Snipping Tool This is a Windows built-in screenshot tool. You can find this tool on your Windows PC by simply searching for Snipping Tool in your search panel. Click on the Snipping tool and click New to capture a new screenshot. This screenshot tool allows you to select the part of your PC screen you want to capture. 4. Use Print Screen Key on your Keyboard Punch the PrntScrn key on your keyboard. After tapping on the PrntScrn option, open an Image Editor app. Press Ctrl V to paste the content and save the image. This option captures the whole of your PC screen. 5. Alt + Print Screen Use this option if you want to take a quick screenshot of your window. Click on Alt + PrntScrn and this will take a shot of your current active window. You will need to open the image editor app on your PC to save the image.

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This article was first published on 3rd August 2017


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