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  When you travel in search of a new experience in a different town, a recreation centre is a good place to visit. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, gamer or thrill-seeker, there is a recreational centre for you. In Nigeria, we have gaming spots like Rufus & Bee, adventure spots like Upbeat centre & Playworld, national parks like Yankari Game Reserve, and Aquatic centres like Park Vega, just to name a few. But if you have never been there, chances are that you are clueless about what to do there. Fear not, we have got you covered. 
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Engage In Activities

Recreation is simply the pursuit of leisure activities in one’s spare time. So, the first thing is to decide what activities interest you. In a waterpark, you would be engaging in water sports like swimming while in a nature park, you could go hiking. In an adventure park, you could face obstacle courses that require you to be energetic. Activities there could include jumping and climbing. Once you have made up your mind on which recreational centre you would like to visit, read up on the facilities available. This will help you to mentally prepare for the activities you would be engaging in. Don’t go to a recreational centre as a spectator. Plan to actually engage.

Dress Appropriately

Once you’ve decided the type of recreation centre you are going to, figuring out what to wear becomes easy. One outfit you can’t go wrong with is a T-shirt with jeans trousers. Most entertainment centres have air conditioning, so the longer you stay in there, the colder you could get. This combo prepares you for that.
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It also works to shield you from the elements when going to a water park or nature reserve. You can layer it with a jacket and canvas or with a kimono and a hat or even a scarf with sandals. The combo also works for both rainy and dry seasons.    

Prioritize Food

Visiting a recreation centre can sap your energy. So you need to eat at least 30 minutes before arriving at a centre. Also, when you engage in activities, you will get hungry. Make plans to buy food afterwards. If you visit with a personal car, you can leave food and refreshments in your car and come back to them later.
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Some places may allow you to bring food in (e.g. at beaches), others will not. Some recreational centres have food courts and mini bars where you can pick up something to eat. So come with extra cash for that. 

 Have Company

It is no fun when you go alone to a recreation centre. Sure, you will meet strangers there and you may get along with them. But there is nothing like sharing the experience with a friend. The person can help take cool pictures or challenge you to an activity. A friend can cheer you on when you hit a milestone and also share your excitement. Doing the activities could add dimension to your relationship as you now have a shared memory. Now that you know, we hope the anxiety you are feeling is reduced. Just prepare to let go and have a fun time.   Featured Image Source: Lets Talk Parksville
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This article was first published on 6th June 2022


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