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  The idea of travelling to a remote picturesque location is the dream. But sometimes, the fear of the cost of the trip has us settling for the less than attractive locations for a getaway. But not all photogenic locations are expensive to visit. Sometimes, all you need is decide what features you are looking for in the destination you choose.
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Once you have that figured out along with a high-resolution camera, you are good to go. Below are a few things to look out for when choosing a destination.

The View

one of the reasons Obudu mountain resort, Le Meridian Ibom  Hotel and Gold resort and Inagbe Grand resort or La Campagne Tropicana resort are popular is because of their amazing landscaping. The interplay of blue skies against the green grass and palm leaves on dark brown trunks against white sand is alluring. Even if it is just a golf course or a green-covered mountain range, or a sunset over a mountain view, being in a breathtaking location is something to look out for. It could be as little as an ocean view room in a beach resort or a mountain view like Zuma Rock resorts. Once you decide what view you want to have, you can start searching for as many options for that view as there are in Nigeria. And trust me, there is always an option because this country is doubly blessed in the area of natural attractions for tourism.

The Ambience

If you are visiting an indoor location, pick one with an amazing Ambience. Places like Nok by Alara or Eric Kayser in Lagos state, Nike Guesthouse in Osun state or even any mall with Cinemas are good examples. You can also rent an apartment from agencies like Shortlet homes or Airbnb or choose to spend some nights in a fancy hotel like the Federal Palace Hotel. Stay indoors and enjoy all the facilities the location has to offer in a picture-perfect spot.
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Some places are indeed very expensive to visit but others are not so expensive and would still give you a fun time. You can plan a daycation like a daycation to Kajuru Castle as opposed to spending the night there. Just travel to a nearby city, have fun and go back home that same day. Daycations save you extra money on accommodation and 3-meals-a-day food costs. If you choose a city rich in history like Calabar or Ibadan, a simple city tour around the town to see the famous sites would suffice. It might just be affordable especially if you know someone with a car that lives in that town. You can also visit a town with lots of government-owned establishments like national parks, city parks or conservation centres. The entry fees here are usually cheaper than private-owned establishments. Also, visiting art galleries and museums are very affordable, so you can choose a reputable destination with interesting collections.

The Experience

What kind of experience are you looking for? If you want a relaxing vacation then don’t plan to visit a location where a hike up a mountain or hill is part of the attractions. You would be better off in a resort-like Ilashe beach where you can sit by the pool with sunshades and a hat, stroll along the beach shores lined with palm trees. If adventure is your thing, you can choose a location where outdoor activities are more. E.g. you plan for a full day of fun at Park Vega Waterpark or at Landmark beach where with a little extra pay, you can experience the water obstacles at Laquatic. Or you can choose to visit Lekki Leisure Lake next door to Rufus ‘n’ Bee. Once you decide the type of experience you want to have, choosing a destination becomes a breeze. Once you are certain of the above, choosing a picturesque destination becomes easy. Are there other factors that influence your holiday destination choice? Featured Image Source: Hotels NG
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This article was first published on 11th March 2021


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