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  Nigeria is a place of firsts. Are you looking for a great place where fitness and fun collide? Then check out Upbeat Recreation Center. It is West Africa’s first trampoline centre and also the largest in Africa.
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Upbeat Recreational Centre was opened in December 2017 in Lagos State. It is an initiative of Uraga Real Estate Limited whose vision is to transform people, spaces and lives in Nigeria by offering state-of-the-art and first of a kind service to Nigerians and the West African real estate industry. If you have never heard of Upbeat and you are wondering what you can do there, we’ve got you covered. Things to do at Upbeat
  1. Trampoline Jumping (indoor park)
  2. Basketball (outdoor)
  3. Soccer/football (outdoor with artificial grass)
  4. Go-kart Racing
  5. Eat at one of the 3 the restaurants there
  6. Bring kids to play and have fun.
For little children below 3 years, they can play in the ball pit (soft play). Children above 3 years old can play in a kiddy castle or with the slides while children above 5 years can go on the trampoline (Tumble Track, Trampoline basketball, and Dodge ball). They can also play in the foam pit, go wall climbing or play virtual reality games. You can watch them while enjoying a cup of coffee, gelato or snacks from the indoor food court. (P.S.: Eat light before going to Upbeat).
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If you are bringing kids below a certain age, they will require you to sign an electronic consent form before paying for them to play. They separated the activities into packages that range from N2,500-N4,000/hour minimum per person. The higher the amount, the more activities, outdoor and indoor, you have access to. There is an instructional video to watch before unleashing yourself or your minions into the play area. Someone will also give you or the kids special socks to wear within the play area. The socks aren’t for free though, they cost N500 a pair. There are also staff members allowed to monitor participants in the lay areas to ensure they do not hurt themselves. But if you want to be there yourself actively watching, you’ll have to pay a participant’s fee and get the socks too. If you have energetic kids, this is one place you need to take them to burn off excess energy. Make sure you come with water or a plan to buy food and drinks to replenish their strength because they will get thirsty quickly. They will also be hungry and tired afterwards and when they are done playing, they will go to bed early. As for adults, you can enjoy gymnastics workouts on the trampolines or settle for outdoor activities like go-kart racing. The ocean view and breeze outside Upbeat makes being in the outdoor restaurant relaxing. They observe COVID-19 Protocol this season, so go with your face mask and hand sanitisers. Their bathrooms are clean and there are lockers to keep your bags, shoes and any other important stuff safe while playing. The experience at Upbeat is outstanding. Location: 11 Admiralty Road, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State. Contact via email or call +234 1 712 0018 Sources: Trip Advisor Travel With Sam The Guardian NG Upbeat Featured Image Source: Estate Intel
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This article was first published on 21st October 2021 and updated on October 25th, 2021 at 12:43 am


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