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Without a doubt, Nigeria is well-endowed with several tourist centres such that when you think you’re done seeing one, another pops up which would seem to be an even more exciting destination than the first. A trip to any of these places would give you a sense of appreciation and an in-depth understanding of just blessed we are as a Nation. Nevertheless, even with these tons of fascinating places in Nigeria to go for a vacay or for sight-seeing, you still need to know the right fun spots that have that pop you are looking for. One place I can advocate for any day is the Yankari Game Reserve situated in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in north eastern Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s biggest game reserve and boasts of a broad variety of animal species. Yankari is one of the most pleasant and popular tourist destinations in Nigeria. It is home to quite a number of endangered animal species that are seldom found anywhere else in the country. Considering that they are wild animals, it’s amazing the way they are groomed and taken care of, bear in mind visiting there, you have nothing to fear. Few interesting facts about Yankari Game Reserve
  • Yankari Game Reserve was created as a Game Reserve in 1956 but was upgraded to a national park in 1991.
  • Yankari National Park it’s been managed by the Bauchi state government, whose activities include collaboration with other agencies, and organizations in protecting the wildlife, taking proper records of the number of wildlife; monitoring their birth and death rate.
  • The Yankari National Park which also has more than 59 caves located about 7km north east of Wikki camp. With other attractions like the hills, such as Kalban Hill– a flat top hill that enables tourists the opportunity to have a complete view of the entire park. Kanyo Hill that also provides a good view of the park and serves as a very beautiful picnic ground.
  • The Yankari Game Reserve has the largest surviving Elephant population in Nigeria, there are about 350 of them.
  • It also contains a large population of; Hippopotamus, Lion, Buffalo, Hartebeest, Elephant, Baboon, Nile Crocodile, Spotted Hyena, Striped Hyena, Roan Antelope, Martial Eagle, Secretary Bird, Huge Sad­dlebill Stork, Goliath Heron, Bateleur Eagle, Vultures, Bee-Eaters, amongst many others.
  • There are 52 species of animals that can be found in the park.
  • Yankari Game Reserve has been described by the Lonely Planet Guide as holding “about the only remnant of wildlife left in Nigeria”.
  • The main game-viewing areas of the reserve are open all year round, but to see the animals is actually not easy, as the vegetation in the area is quite dense. The best time to view the animals is late February to late April (November-May) when the thick vegetation would have dried out due to the immense heat during this period.
If you consider yourself nature or animal lover, then the Yankri Game Reserve will be the perfect place for you to visit.  

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This article was first published on 12th September 2017


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  • Beautifully written! Can’t wait to read about other tourist locations in Nigeria.

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