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Many people travel for business purposes. Either to work, attend a seminar or workshop, an interview, etc. Whatever the reason, their needs are similar. So what are the key things to look out for as a service provider in the tourism sector planning to cater to business travelers?


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Most business travelers need access to Wi-Fi to prepare reports, do research on foreign business etiquette, and catch up on work. Sometimes, they need the internet for video conferencing and Skype before the face-to-face meetings. So when choosing a plane or hotel, access to the internet is important to them. If depending on the public internet access is uncomfortable, make secure Mi-Fi available. For security, have a password for the internet access so there will be a record of those who had access to it. When business travelers know the internet access they have is secure, they will want to use the service.

Comfort & Privacy

Business travelers need an exclusive space where they can work well. On planes, they need enough legroom so they can put their laptop on their lap to work if they need to. Hence, most airplanes have a business class segment, separate from economy class. In hotels, they prefer an all-in-one suite. This will provide them with the privacy they need to work and rest. They do not want the cheapest or least comfortable room. The more comfortable and private the room is, the easier it is for them to focus on working or resting.  

Convenience and Reliability

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Business travelers need easy access to resources or data. For instance, they need agents who already know what the standards business travelers are accustomed to. That way, they don’t have to sweat the small stuff like last-minute booking changes, flight schedule or layover details, etc. They prefer having an efficient system that creates a workable itinerary like an automated software or app that pools info in one place, making it easy for them to decide. Therefore, cab services like Bolt or Uber are just right for their intercity transportation needs. Also, this is the reason delivery services like the one provided by Jumia Food thrive. Business travelers are time conscious and they want to make the best use of their resources. They will pay for convenience and reliability.

Travel Essentials

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Among the things needed for business trips are travel essentials. A carry-on bag will make it easy to avoid spending extra time at baggage claim at the airport. Keep things for security checking at an easy-to-access portion of your luggage, things like liquids, electronics, and chargers. Business travelers also need to have their own pack of toiletries in case what the hotel or airline provides is not up to par. Don’t forget essentials like first-aid medicines, and casual and business attires.

So when next you are planning on a business trip, let these parameters be the guide with which you make your decisions.


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This article was first published on 13th May 2022


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