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Not long ago, people had to rely mainly on sub-standard means of public transportation – Danfo buses or Molues. Over the last few years, this has changed a lot, with the emergence of ride-hailing apps. These apps now guarantee the average Nigerian the basic necessities of a hired ride, such as, comfort, timeliness, and fair charges. Here are five of the top six ride-hailing apps that have changed the transport game in Nigeria. Oga Taxi
Oga Taxi
Oga Taxi is Nigeria’s first indigenous ride-hailing app that has the potentials to overtake foreign players like Taxify and Uber. Launched in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Michael Nnnamadim and Ameh Idoko, Oga Taxi comes with its own unique set of features to make riding comfortable and hassle-free for the passenger. There are two ride options on Oga Taxi namely, Classic (Solo) and a Pooled ride. The latter allows passengers choose with whom they will ride with – a matching algorithm shows profiles of people heading in roughly the same direction as they – and thus guarantees them a discount of up to 40%. Download Oga Taxi for Android Download Oga Taxi for iOS   Jekalo
Jekalo is essentially a car-pooling service. In other words, Jekalo is an online platform that allows you share a ride with someone going along the same route as you. The app serves two kinds of users – riders and ride owners. Riders order a ride by entering their trip information, clicking on the search button to find rides that match their route or clicking on any of the already displayed rides. In cases where no ride matches their route, they can choose to get notified when one finally does. Ride owners on the other hand, click on the ‘Offer a Ride’ button and enter their route information. Once they do this, they get vetted and published by Jekalo admin so they can be receiving ride request notifications from users. Jekalo was launched in 2015 by Bolarinwa Motoni and is only available in Lagos at the moment. Download Jekalo for Android   Carxie
Launched most recently than the other apps on this list, Carxie emerged to enhance Nigeria’s transport sector and serve as a source of employment for Nigerians around the country. Drivers on the Carxie platform are outsourced by agents earn a share for their efforts. For every diver brought, you earn one per cent. Hence, if an agent brings up to 50 drivers, they earn 170,000 and 240,000 for just being a partner. The service is expected to provide up to 36,000 jobs to drivers and 5,000 jobs to its executive partners across Nigeria within five years of its start-up within five years of its launch. So far, Carxie has kicked off in Lagos, Abuja, and Owerri. Download Carxie for Android Download Carxie for iOS   Taxify
Taxify is an Eastern European ridesharing company that has spread its tentacles to 20 cities across 15 countries. It has been one of the foremost ride-hailing services in Nigeria since it made its entrance into Lagos, Nigeria in 2016. As a premier brand, Taxify rides are known to be punctual and more copious than their competitors. Download Taxify for Android Download Taxify for iOS   Uber
Uber is a San Francisco-based company that was founded in 2009. It is currently operational in over 600 cities in over 65 countries; it is available in thirteen Sub-Saharan Africa cities, some of which include Lagos, Abuja, Accra and Nairobi. Uber will be launching in Mautitius in the coming weeks. In 2014, Uber made its foray into Nigeria making it the first ride-hailing service to launch in the country. Since then, it has incorporated several features that ensure the reliability and accountability of the service. Download Uber for Android Download Uber for iOS

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