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Many years ago, when firewood was commonly used in cooking, blackened pots were a fixture in most kitchens. Then, some women never went through the stress of trying to clean the back of their pots. In fact, one could almost hear them asking what was the point? With kitchen stoves, blackened pots could be avoided if one set the stove in a way that allowed only blue flames to emerge. But with gas, the incidents of blackened pots reduced significantly.
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What’s more, the stains were easier to clean off than stains from firewood or cooking stove. Indeed, with the increase in usage of gas and blue flamed stove, some people now see blackened pots in the kitchen as a sign of dirtiness. And who is usually held responsible for this? The woman of the house. Thus, she invests money on different brands of scouring powder. Unfortunately, some of these products take a lifetime to remove black stains or dry food from pots and pans. Sometimes, by the time some of these products manage to achieve the desired result, half or all of its content has been used up in just one wash. Today, I’ll like to introduce you to the wonder scouring powder. This wonder cleaning powder is none other than eggshells, something you’ve been neglecting and trashing all along. Eggshells are good abrasive cleaning powder. They work fast too. Moreover, they are not as toxic as the chemically produced scouring powder. They also have a low chance of skin irritation.
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Eggshells Baking soda Dry mill or pestle and mortar

How to Prepare

Assemble the eggshells. Rinse them to remove dirt or yolk fluid. Put the eggshells in a tray for either sun drying or oven drying. Please note that low heat is required for oven drying. Also bear in mind that drying the shells will make them crushable. So, ensure that they are well dried or they would not grind properly. You can conduct a simple test of dryness by squeezing the shells with your hands. If you can grind them easily with your hands, then, the shells are ready for use. Transfer them to a blender or a dry mortar; blend or grind until you have a coarse powder. Add baking soda to it, at a ratio of 1:1; your eggshell scouring powder is ready to use.   Featured Image Source: Mommypotamus
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This article was first published on 14th January 2021


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