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The 90s was a great time for music and fashion. Some fashion trends are so diverse that you can just pick it up from where you left. For most of us that were privileged to grow up in this era can relate to this. Truth be told am sure there are times we look back and question the fashion sense back then. Like we felt the 90s had no sense of style and was not on point. But now let’s face it, they were definitely the best of times. 90s have been long gone but that doesn’t stop fashion evolution. And like they say, history repeats itself and what goes around comes back around. The same can be said for the 90s. When you look at your old pictures you can tell the 90s fashion trends are surely making a comeback. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and re-discover our favorite 90s fashionable trends that have made their way back.
Am guessing the choker your aunt wore back in the day is what you probably rocking now; but no am not judging you. If she could keep it means she managed it well, you should be glad. And that’s because chokers are taking over, they spice up any outfit and look good no matter what.
Hair beads
Don’t even get me started. I over-rocked this. Everyone did (at least everyone I knew). We basically had it on every hair. Now they’ve resurrected and we’re back to where we started.
Denim shirts/skirt/gown
We have to admit we missed this one. Good thing with denims was the fact that it would suit anyone irrespective of the age, personality or body type.  I have no idea why they disappeared in the first place. But, am excited they’re back.
Pixie haircut
Our mom and of course most of our hip aunties rocked this look before we even did. And, now after a very long time, it’s starting to resurface, and people are flaunting it just as good.
Ok, I doubt anyone didn’t wear this, like what? This was the bomb back then. Both genders did justice to it. Pretty handy and easy wear (till you want to pee that is).
Boyfriend shirt
Am going to be honest. I wasn’t into this back then; I felt they were oversized shirts with no fitting. But now, uhh am absolutely in love with them. They have slowly but surely made their way back.
Mom jeans
These were also a pretty big deal back in the day. Seems they are not going anywhere anytime soon either.
Brown/dark lipstick
This was the hallmark of beauty in the 90s.  If you wanted to know the girls that were cool and chic back in the day, check out their throwback pic and you’ll see.
Platform-flip flops
Oh gosh, epic 90s throw back I must say. They were just so popular and are quite comfy.
Crop top
Hope you weren’t thinking these just sprung up.  Not at all, trends come and go but the crop top is one of those trends that found its way from where it started and this time it’s gotten better. The beauty of it is that you can wear them on anything; with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, basically anything. Which of these trends did you like the most?  And which of them didn’t you fancy? Let us know in the comments.

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This article was first published on 17th August 2017


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