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You may never understand the amount of effort put into a project except if you carry out a performance review.

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Performance reviews are periodic appraisals used to evaluate how well employees carry out their duties and areas where employees can improve to achieve the goals and mission of the company.

Performance reviews are periodic because they can occur annually, semi-annually, or quarterly depending on the organization.

Periodic performance reviews are important for any organization because it gives room for open communication and dialogue concerning various job roles, the company’s expectations, and even the major challenges faced by employees.

This can in turn lead to a more motivated and dedicated workforce alongside spurring business growth.

On the other hand, it is important for managers and business owners to carefully document every performance review. This is because it could play a major role in determining the growth rate of the company and the performance of the employees as well.

Benefits of Performance Reviews

Encourages Career Growth

One of the major benefits of carrying out periodic performance reviews is that it spurs and encourages career growth among employees.

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Regular performance checks and evaluation helps employees advance in their various careers and helps them create a plan for professional growth.

Increase Employee Engagement

Another benefit of the performance review is that it increases employee engagement, which in turn leads to the growth of your business.

When employees are periodically accessed, they tend to know when they are doing well or not and this can lead to more engagement and better performance.

Additionally, there’s a high desire to remain in the company because through performance reviews, they gain a better understanding of how their job roles and responsibilities.

Improve Overall Performance of the Company

One of the top benefits of performance reviews is the opportunity to improve the overall performance of your organization.

This is because you periodically analyze the work carried out by your employees and you have a better understanding of areas that are doing well and areas that need improvements.

This understanding helps you channel the right resources to the right areas of your organization, which leads to the growth of your business.

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On the other hand, overall business growth can also come from the fact that through performance reviews, employees who are doing well can be rewarded with various bonuses.

This will extra encouragement will motivate employees to do better and put in more effort to push the business forward.

Evaluates Goals

Periodic performance reviews serve as an easy way to access and re-evaluate the goals of the company.

This means that employers can easily access how well an employee reached their goals and ensure that those goals are still in line with the company’s objectives.

Strengthen Relationships and Loyalty

As stated earlier, periodic performance reviews give room for open conversations and a flow of discussion with no distractions.

This means that you get to have in-depth conversations with your employees, you also get to understand their challenges and flaws as well, praise good performances, reward hard work, and listen to any complaints, questions, or concerns that your employees may have.

Such conversations help build and strengthen the relationship between you and your employees. It also grants you the opportunity to positively impact each of your employees.

Clarifies Expectations

During performance reviews, you have the opportunity to clarify the goals of the company to your employees.

That way everyone gets to understand their job role and responsibilities and ensure that they are on track to achieving the goals of the company.

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This article was first published on 3rd August 2022


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