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  Many youngsters venture into design as one of the most lucrative businesses. No matter how hard we try, design cannot be scrapped out of the business world. Designs attract, pass messages, give detailed information, and so on. Any business or brand that wants to scale higher and attain success definitely needs the service of a designer. 
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Before starting a design career, you need to know what aspect of it you would like to pursue. Designing like other aspects of technology has its variations. There are 8 types of designs. They include:
  1. Graphics Design.
  2. Web Design.
  3. Games Design.
  4. Information Design.
  5. Experiential Design.
  6. Interaction Design.
  7. User Interface(UI) Design.
  8. User Experience (UX) Design.
Graphics and web designing are however the most popular ones. After choosing the aspect you want, the real journey on how to start a successful design career begins. You can’t just start a design career because you want to, you have to possess certain qualities, you must be:
  1. Insight

Insight is needed to look into situations and make the right choices whether in regards to the design to be made, the client, or the business itself. Only an insightful person is fit to start a career in design. Insight can be learned but if you are not ready to learn, NEVER start a design career except you want to be at the losing end.
  1. Creativity

Design is an art that needs to be brought to life. One must possess the ability to create and make ideas into realities. Creativity is very important while designing. You sure will not like your work to be dull and not full of life. Moreover, in the midst of being creative, follow the trend of things. Don’t use archaic or traditional methods.
  1. Consistency

It is said that “Practice makes Perfect”. The same can be said for consistency as well. Consistency is key when it comes to starting a design career. You don’t expect it to be a jolly ride as Rome was not built in a day. Asides from consistency helping your career, it will also help your inventiveness and make you an expert in the field. 
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  1. Readiness Takes Risks

No business is successful without the business owner taking risks.  Risk-taking is a part of every business, it opens the mind to lots of opportunities to explore and take advantage of. In some cases, you will be at the losing end but it won’t be without gain, a gain of experience, knowledge of what one ought to do and what one ought not to. 
  1. Diligence

To be diligent is to be careful. To be diligent is to be wise. To be diligent is to persevere. A foolish person can not run a business. You need to be an excellent time manager and someone who is intentional about making progress. 
  1. Respect

It is said that ” Consumers are the Kings”  One thing most business owners do wrong is mistreating their clients. No matter what a client says or do, you must learn to tolerate them and not retaliate. Your job is to share ideas, give them alternatives and design to the end that the goal is achieved or a call to action is well responded to. Your job description does not include making choices for them. Respect their decisions but be sure to let out your creativity while designing. 
  1. Ability To Build Relationships

Relationships are very important in every career, design inclusive. You need to build relationships with your clients for there to be a free expression of thoughts and ideas. You also need to build relationships with people with more experience and knowledge to learn from them (Nobody is an island of knowledge). Having a good relationship with your employees or co-workers is also important, little disagreements can lead to the end of the business. Featured Image Source: Fiverr
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This article was first published on 17th March 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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